And what if we dress in seven pairs of wings and soar to the skies?

This could be a perfect solution to the anguish we experience here, in the material world.
And in fact – it is possible.

We can actually transcend the swamp of mundane life and connect to the higher worlds, to a place of perfect reality, of the time of deliverance.
We can truly experience a wide and endless reality in which there are no restrictions, blockages and suffering and everyone can fulfill himself and reach happiness and peace ...

What makes our life here so challenging?
Here, in the material world, we are caught up in a dense system that is governed by laws and rules typical to the earthly matrix.
We live in a dimension where the light of the Creator is concealed.
Only small part of it can penetrate the system of screens and shells and reach us.

The consequences of living in almost complete darkness, inflicts blindness, and lack of knowledge that cause us to live in an elusive reality.

The illusion tells us:
Everything you see and experience here - is all there is.
It's not going to get any better ...
And after you die – there is nothing out there.
As a result, many of us live in despair, fear, anxiety and anguish.

However, there is a magical spiritual tool that can help you connect to the perfect reality where there are no restrictions.
The illuminated reality you are so yearning for.
Wings Seraphim Sm
The tool I am talking about is the 42-letter name of God that is encrypted in the Jewish prayer “Ana Bekoach” (also called: the prayer of the Kabbalist).
You can implement this sacred name to improve and rectify various areas of your life, remove blockages and fulfill yourself in the world.
To redeem yourself in the here and now.

Ana Becoach poster SmIn this age, humanity is moving towards the next stage in its spiritual transcendence, and it is possible to accelerate the process and experience a utopian, perfect and enlightened reality right now.

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The sacred 42-letter name of God –
The Jewish prayer "Ana Bekoach" that connects you to the infinite reality.
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