Pick one card and get a personal message from the King Solomon Cards:

Think of a question that is troubling you right now, scan the board with your eyes, choose one card and write the number in front of you.
(Pay attention to the way you are phrasing your question is:
Is this a question about past, future, or you seek advice? Be focused!)

* If you do not have a particular question, ask for a message you need at the moment.

*** Do not be afraid of the inverted cards!
Unlike tarot cards, they do not represent disasters or troubles, but give you an alternative aspect to the subject in question.

Go to the bottom of the article and find your answer.
Sample reading 5 cards Eng Sm

The five cards on the board were chosen from the popular King Solomon cards:
The King Solomon Cards specialize in guidance and prediction about “earthly” issues.
The King Solomon's Seals, Goetic symbols, and the "72 names of God" (written in angelic characters) on the cards contain intense energetical powers, and represent different frequencies related to conditions, circumstances, features and events that you may encounter in your personal life.

A person performing a reading with the King Solomon Cards, can instantly connect to the right card that will provide the most relevant answer to his question.

The special collector's edition contains 36 cards with King Solomon seals, the cards can be read upright and inverted, so that each card provides two answers – a total of 72 answers.

This set specializes in concrete questions relating to all aspects of life and gives insights over the situation, suggestion for action and personal analysis.
A valuable bonus is added to the cards - a set of nine kabbalistic pocket-size amulets with King Solomon seals.

Set Eng New Sm
For more information and purchase: https://www.kabbalahinsights.com/en/products/king-solomon-cards

Here are the answers:

2Livelihood, work, career, finances, acquisitions

Situation: Money earned from work / good livelihood / successful career that brings respectable income / money earned from business transactions.

Person: A rich person / a career person, a charismatic winner who earns an honest living / someone who knows how to manipulate and control finances / someone you should learn from, but be careful because he may have a tendency to "step over others” on his way up.

Advice: Hard work and investing efforts in your career should be a priority / You will be successful after developing your career and investing effort.


6 - Happiness

Situation: Happy life / satisfaction from what you have / joy with the immediate surroundings: home, family, children, close friends / enjoying your achievements and assets / delight in your familiar and favorite surroundings.

Person: Someone with positive energies and pure purposes, happy & satisfied / a person who wants the best for you and should be trusted.

Advice: Go for it - you will be satisfied, happy and successful.


9 - Study, education, lessons, learning

Inverted: What you learn now, is not good or beneficial for you / harmful information / Misinterpretation of statements made /
Mistakes are being repeated because a lesson was not learned.


19 - Sexuality, seduction, intense mutual involvement

Inverted: A negative situation: sexual aversion / personal sexual problem or sexual incompatibility / lack of sexual interest /
spiritual or physical disconnection / sexual manipulation / expectations about sexual connection that were proved wrong.


30 - Dedication, persistence, conviction, sacrifice

Situation: Acting full heatedly for the greater good / faith in the path in spite of the difficulties / persistence / dedication to a particular person or subject out of love and good will / preparedness to sacrifice / a situation that requires some sacrifice or giving much of yourself in order to be manifested / a long lasting process.

Person: Dedicated and capable of giving, full of faith and power, who can endure difficult situations / someone who is ready to sacrifice anything to get his way / an idealist.

Advice: Do not be afraid to give it everything you cab, it is necessary to invest beyond a reasonable effort to reach the goal / perseverance, hard work and full faith will bring good outcomes.

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