How would it feel if you could access the vast secret knowledge?
to increase your prophetic skill? To look into the future?
And why is it so hard for us to get answers from the universe?

As Kabbalah teaches, we live in a material world where the light of the Creator is in concealment.
In this world we experience reality through the mental level, which is limited and controlled by the ego.
However, beyond the perception of the mind, there is a part in us that is able to reach wider knowledge:
this is our subconscious, which is hidden from us by restricting screens of blurring.

To connect to higher knowledge, we must purify these screens.

The more we ascend spiritually, and resonate at higher frequencies, the wider our spiritual vision will expand.

Seal # 5 of King Solomon seals, the fifth Pentacle of Jupiter, can help us remove the veil and access knowledge that is usually hidden from us.

Seal 8 sample Eng SmLook at the verse written on the seal:
" As I was among the captives by the river of Chebar, the heavens were opened, and I saw visions of Elohim "  (Ezekiel 1 - 1)
The Prophet Ezekiel - One of the most powerful prophets in the Bible, was privileged to see clear visions of the secrets of Creation.

In various sources, the seal is interpreted as a spiritual force that will help you develop a skill for channeling and fortune-telling.
But in order to attain high spiritual vision, and to gain the ability of true and pure prophecy, it is impossible to remain imprisoned in the low levels of ego consciousness.
The "pure" clairvoyant must act altruistically and without personal interests.

You must have heard about intuitives in the area of mysticism that are acting out of the wrong motives.

They do not communicate knowledge from the upper worlds but from the world of the shells (Klipot), and are harmful to themselves and the people who come to seek their advice.

So – do not expect that the seal will make you a world-renowned clairvoyant overnight…
On the spiritual level, the seal helps you accelerate your spiritual growth, so that you resonate at the frequencies of sanctity. This is what you need to connect to the knowledge that comes from the Supreme consciousness.
When you are in sync with the thought of Creation, and understand the wonderful ways of the Creator, the screens that hide the higher knowledge from you begin to dissipate and then, the knowledge you receive is sublime and accurate.

What to do with the seal?
It's not enough to copy and cut out the seal image and keep at home -
King Solomon's seals must be activated in the right way so that they affect our energy field.
In order to assimilate the energy of the seal within us, we need to resonate at a high spiritual frequency.
For this purpose, there is a proven method by which it is possible to activate the seal and ground its frequency in our consciousness.



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