Kabbalah Insights presents unique products for self-guidance
and enchanting gifts in the spirit of the Kabbalah

Advanced Guidance and Divination tools

72Names CardsThe 72 Names Cards
KingSolomonCardsKing Solomon Cards
Tokens of LightTokens of Light
Inner WizardThe Inner Wizard Cards
AlphabetAlphabet for Lovers
Wheel0of wisdomThe Wheel of Wisdom
CollectorsEdition Eng Sm HomepageRevealed by the Letters
Set Eng FrontPageThe Twenty Two Gifts

Kabbalistic amulets

pocket size amuletsPocket Size Amulets
Organza bagPocket Size Amulets
personalized amuletPersonalized Amulets
Wall amuletWall Amulets

Kabbalistic art

Mandala loveLove Mandala
MandalaForHomeMandala For Home
poster 44sealsKing Solomon Seals
fountain of lifeFountain of Life

Free Guidance Systems Online

kabbalistic systemThe Kabbalistic Oracle
LoveOracleThe Love Oracle
success oracleSuccess Oracle
Oracle TarotThe Tarot Oracle


Digital Products

key of success goldKabbalistic Jewlery
Libbi JadeEnergetic Jewlery
DigitalProducts FrontPageDigital Items