Discover your Tikkun (rectification) and life lessons:

Everything we experience in life, is part of a process of revelation and learning that our soul has destined for us for this incarnation.
Each life experience you go through (positive or negative) gives you the opportunity to correct something in your behavior, your way of thinking, or apply an important lesson:

Take a few moments, and recollect a significant life event you went through, or the ongoing difficulty you have in life.

Pick one letter combination intuitively, and discover -
What did this experience come to teach you?
What is your Tikkun (rectification)?

Discovering the lesson following a challenging life event, will help you expand your consciousness and give you a wider perspective over your life.

Guidance Board Tikkun Eng Sm
The 72 Names of God are Divine spiritual frequencies designed to connect us to the higher worlds.
Each letter combination is an accurate code that can provide us with important spiritual lessons that we should implement in our spiritual journey.

** The spiritual lessons are listed at the bottom of this article.

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And here are the lessons:

17 – Lamed-Aleph-Vav (ל.א.ו) –
Identifying the Ego in Action - and Restraining it:
Our Ego is necessary for Our Existence: It protects the body and mind and ensures that we achieve what we need for survival. It anchors us here in material life. It helps us maintain our livelihood, our health, protect ourselves. Through the ego we learn to define ourselves at the level of the emotions and thoughts. It cannot be ignored or canceled.
At the same time - the ego may imprison us in the material dimension and not allow us to transcend it.
When we remain captivated in the limited awareness of the ego, we disconnect from the will of the soul and the channels of abundance that connect us to the spiritual worlds, and then we suffer from restriction (Tzimtzum).
When we realize what the ego is doing to us, we can control its power and free ourselves from all the burden it puts on us.
Once we recognize our ego in action and restrain it, we will be free to become what we really are: unique souls, eternally connected to the Supreme Light.
You should try to free your thoughts, speech and deeds from the restraints of the ego. Understand how the ego governs you and dictates your behavior.
Get rid of the need to be in constant competition with others and proving superiority.
Set yourself free of the limiting shackles of the material world.

22 – Yod-Yod-Yod (י.י.י) -
Ending a Destructive Relationship:

When we are in desperate need of a certain person or source, or are totally attracted to someone, and we see no other way to get what we need elsewhere, we develop dependency. We cannot disconnect – otherwise, we may lose something that is very important to us.
There is nothing wrong with interdependence, if it is balanced, but the problems begin when the "providing" side feels our neediness (or our strong attraction to him), and exploits it viciously, sucks us energies and may enslave or manipulate us.
It is no accident that we are attracted to our lives such a person (consciously or unconsciously) - we may have a karmic commitment towards him.
The strong attraction to a harmless or exploitative person comes to fulfill a particular need of the soul, or to close an unfinished business from the past.
A destructive relationship has an important role to play in your spiritual evolution, and if you manage to change it or release yourself, it will push you to discover your inner power.
Recognizing the fact that in our neediness we have handed our power over to another person is a good start to improving the situation.
You must examine soberly this destructive relationship.
Keep away from a negative person who wants to harm you and draws your energies.
Release yourself of negative, enslaving and dark factors. It is an opportunity to discover and implement your courage.

50 – Dalet-Nun-Yod (ד.נ.י) -
Strengthening the desire and ambition for personal fulfillment:

Defeatism, fear of failure and a tendency to reduce our expectations of ourselves, neutralize our courage, convince us that we cannot achieve what we want, or we must not want too much.
They suck our energies and ability to concentrate, and interfere with our focus on completing the task.
Everyone whose desire is weaker - his ability to relish life is lower - and that is not the true purpose of Creation.
The Creator seeks to give you eternal pleasure and satisfaction so that you will not feel deficiency and anguish.
As a vessel for realizing the Divine light in the world, you must reach the full potential you were given, and strive to advance as much as possible and achieve your goals.
Do not let negative thoughts and doubts stop you, and enjoy your achievements as much as possible.
Don't be ashamed of your strong will and ambition. You need to increase, strengthen, and purify your vessel to draw light.
With perseverance, focus and courage you will empower and grow spiritually.
By spiritual and material growth, man gratifies his Creator.

51 – Hey-Chet-Shin (ה.ח.ש) -
Handling Guilt Feelings:

Guilt feelings can run our lives and cause us to try to compensate people whom we have hurt by exertion that is beyond our powers. They may prevent us from giving ourselves a second chance, for fear of tripping again and hurting ourselves or others.
Whether our guilt feelings are justified or not, the end result is that they are deep-rooted in our system, forming a thick shell that nourishes itself, intensifies, and blocking us from receiving the ever-flowing Divine abundance.
A person operating in this world cannot avoid tripping and failures. The downfalls in life, and the frustration that follows, are actually an opportunity to expand your vessels to attract light.
But if you are stuck with guilt and anguish over time, the powers of darkness and impurity may cling to you and suck your energies.
The real punishment for hurting others comes from within, rather than a Supreme power that seeks to avenge you.
Therefore, you must acknowledge the mistake you have made and compensate it in action, overcome the harsh and offensive tendencies in your personality and purify the thought patterns rooted in you that cause you to repeat these mistakes again and again.
Every descent for the sake of ascent.

55 – Mem-Bet-Hey (מ.ב.ה) -
Completing Tasks and bringing into fruition:

According to Kabbalah, the more discouraged we feel about our lives, the more we move away from the Creator's light and love.
In the inner spaces that have been emptied of light and joy, darkness and impurity begin to accumulate, and the deeper we sink into despair, the more the screens around us will thicken and hide the lights of grace from us.
When you are stuck in your life, cannot complete tasks, lose the joy of life and enthusiasm, it is a sign that you have lost the connection with power of your soul and you are suffering from spiritual poverty. The more you despair, the more you move away from the Creator's light and love. If you sink into bitterness and fears, laziness, and doubt, you will suffer diminution (Tzimtzum) and your channels of abundance will be clogged.
The inspiration, joy, and sense of taste for life come from the soul.
To regain inspiration and momentum, you must connect matter and spirit and initiate action from the deep inner desire inherent in your soul.
Overcoming fears, doubts, and apathy, and the willingness to take risks and commit, will grow and empower you.

70 - Yod-Bet-Mem (י.ב.מ) -
Understanding the Cosmic Plan that Leads You to Achieving Your Destiny:

Man is a small part of the weave of creation, a kind of microcosm in which the entire thought of Creation is reflected. Because of the minority of man, and his limited vision, it is difficult for him to see the cosmic order behind the events he experiences, and then a sense of panic, instability and feeling of uncontrollability in life arise.
Although the soul has already gained knowledge and memories from previous incarnations, they are deeply buried in our subconscious, and in most cases are inaccessible to us.
The Universe tries to show you your way through life events that are summoned to your life.
If you do not understand the message, these experiences may become increasingly difficult until you understand where you need to go and what your mission is.
The ability to find order in life improves by expanding consciousness.
Anyone who recognizes his place in the system of Creation and is aware of his smallness can gain new lights.
If you accept the chaotic situations in your life and believe that behind every difficult event there is an opportunity for learning and growth, you can regain your peace, faith, and sense of stability and refocus .


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