The ever flowing river of abundance
Message for the week by the “72 Names” cards:

Universal abundance is always flowing, and like a big raging river, is always looking for new channels and tributaries to flow through. When the river meets an open and clear channel, it streams its water into it happily. When the river encounters a deep and bottomless cesspit, its water gets absorbed in it, everything flows into one place, unable to stream on.
Over time, the water is turning murky and become a swamp that spread bad odor and is no more beneficial flora and fauna. The river flow stops at that particular channel and blockage is formed – simply a plug.

A person who swallows everything that comes to him and does not let anything out, may create blockage in his life (similar to constipation).
The constant dead end absorption originates in deficiency awareness - as if there is not enough in the universe to share among all, and if I give from my own the others, there will not nothing left for me.

The truth is – that we can all enjoy the infinite abundance if we allow it pass through us and move it on without interruption.

The channel of abundance will remain pure and open if the desire to get will be transformed into a desire to receive in order to give - to pay it forward. This is a fundamental universal law.
When we aspire to reinforce the flow of abundance into our lives, we must carefully examine whether what we want can also benefit others or fulfills a higher cause.

Universal abundance is always striving to realize itself in the material world: as long as you give of yourself, even if you have very little, good fortune will continue to flow towards you. Even if it will not manifest as enormous material wealth, yet the whole profit is yours - satisfaction and happiness in your life as a result of giving.
Card27 Sm
Card No. 27 of the “72 Names Cards” is attributed to the letter combination Yod-Resh-Tav (י.ר.ת) of the “72 Names of God” and talks about flow of abundance. The card tells you that you are in a good period and guided by supreme light, your aspirations will be realized, you will experience changes for the better, success and abundance.
** Meditating with the “72 Names of God” and inscribing them in the body and mind can create major changes in your life. It actually creates transformation on your spiritual DNA level, changes that are manifested in your everyday life.

* Meditating with the letter combination Yod-Resh-Tav (י.ר.ת) and inscribing it in your body and mind will help you cultivate your channel for the flow of abundance through giving and charity, and to gain success and material wealth.
This fellowship with cosmic abundance will give you the spiritual tools to choose between good and bad, will remove harmful forces out of your way and provide blessing and protection.

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