Pick a card and get a personal message from the “Revealed by the Letters” cards

Think of a question and select one card from the board.
Write down the number of the card you have chosen, go to the bottom of the article and find your answer.
If you have a specific question, think about it as you scan the cards with your eyes.
If you prefer to leave the reading open, ask yourself - what can the cards tell me today?

guidance board 4 Eng Sm

These 5 cards were drawn from the “Revealed by the Letters” card set.
Each one has a special message for you.

Revealed by the Letters” cards are based on the wisdom of the 22 Hebrew letters, which are the principal forces that created the universe.

This set of Kabbalistic oracle cards is based on the wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet. 
These 44 clever little cards are designed to provide you with focused answers to important issues in your life.
Through card reading you will get accurate analysis of your current situation, practical advice and prediction for future developments.
The set contains a detailed interpretation booklet.  
To learn more about the cards, visit: http://www.kabbalahinsights.com/en/products/revealed-by-the-letters

Set 4 Website
set 1658 Eng Sm

And here are the answers:

13 - ז - Zayin

Struggle and victory over your competition for the purpose of existence and survival.
Possible combat to gain a lover or partner that you want it for yourself, but is currently in a relationship with another.
Making a decent living from a work that allow rest periods for rejuvenation and relaxation.
A focal point in life that requires the completion of uncertainties and making critical decisions:
Cut one way or another without being influenced by other people's opinions.
The earthly-practical-logical aspects merges successfully with high spirituality and knowledge of the occult.

Advice: Act with swiftness and determination to neutralize objections and opposing influences on the things that are important to your existence.
Focus on what really matters that will lead you to the fulfillment of your destiny.

21 - כ - Caf

Respectful achievements due to diligence and continuous efforts, meeting high demands, gaining prestige and honor.
All the winning cards are in your hand.
Power, authority and control in every situation enable you to manage your finances and livelihood issues in the most effective way and defeat any competition.
You are the stable mainstay and the executive arm, using the force in your hands wisely and fairly.
Business is managed with respect, honesty and reliability.

Advice: Good intuition and quick responses are needed to promote your financial affairs: absorb information from your surroundings, and you will find the resources that will benefit you the most.
Distinguish what is currently working in the marketplace and your investments will bear a profit.
Be attentive to those around you and beware of arrogance or boastfulness about your achievements.


33 - פ - Peh
Destinies are determined by the power of the spoken word, and whoever has good verbal skills and compelling and authoritative speech, shall come out the winner.
Choosing the right words when you talk about an idea or a new venture, shall make people agree and sympathize with you and follow your steps.
An important message has to be delivered, and there is a need to use correct language and careful speech and consider every word.
Acquiring new languages, adopting effective forms of expression and developing strong orientation skills, will help you realizing your ambitions in the material world.

Advice: Speak openly, say what’s on your heart, and express in exact words what you think or feel.
Life and death are in the power of the tongue: Your mouth and speech can grant you control, or – on the other hand – might destroy you.

34 - פ - Peh
Unexpected collapse of a relationship, career, workplace or a negotiation may cause pain, but at the same time, liberates from limitations and set you free into a new and promising path.
Healing of a disease or condition that were difficult to diagnose and originated in the spiritual level.
Discovery of new alternative methods through organizational or medical consultation will help to organize things in a new order and find unexpected and original solutions.
Good news, breakthroughs and opening gates.
Regeneration, productivity and blossom occur after the light of truth is revealed and new knowledge enters your life.

Advice: this situation is essential for growth and heightened awareness, and will lead you to personal redemption and renewed revival.
Beware of superficial haughtiness, vainglory and arrogance and never-ending talks about yourself and your problems.


36 - צ - Tsadi
Taking a clear stand, unambiguous decisions, wise judgment and attaining justice and balance.
Resolving disputes and straightening things out between opposing factors in discreet and diplomatic way, even if it involves the use of white lies.
The situation requires to behave modestly and leave your ego out of the picture, move your personal desires aside, and to work for the welfare of the whole.
Prosperity and worldly success enter your life due to extensive public outreach and recognition by many people.
Healing of illnesses that result from imbalance, and reaching conditions that would be flawless and fair for everyone.

Advice: Behave tactfully, pull the strings and find an original solution to the problem.
It is important to be decisive and choose which side you stand.
Hesitancy and sitting on the fence will not advance the situation anywhere and only bring chaos and frustration.

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