Jonathan will have to compensate Tamara for unfair behavior ...

Burning fire controls Jon’s and Tamara’s relationship ...
Jon is a charming person, witty and sharp-tongued, clever and sophisticated, hedonistic and lustful.
The fire burns in his soul, and he is driven by his impulses and desires.
He is always looking for excitement and new thrills, and is addicted to constant changes.
Tamara has hard time with him.
Because of Jon's impulsiveness, and the intensity of their relationship, the connection often falls into instability, anger and frustration, vengeance and retaliations, as well as mutual stinging.
Due to his of the constant pursuit of excitement, Jon behaved indiscriminately, was not faithful to his commitments, and something he had done in the past was discovered.
This injustice and the insult to Tamara cast a heavy shadow on the relationship, and the situation seemed quite lost. 

What do Alphabet for Lovers Cards say about it?
Card number 67 is associated with the Hebrew letter Shin (ש) that represents bursting fire and intense movement.
The card talks about relationships in which one partner needs constant stimulation and excitement, and if he does not get them at home, he is prone to cheating - mainly because of boredom.
The card suggests that the offender must pay for the mistake he made.
He will have to take responsibility for his impulsive behavior and bear the consequences, to compensate his partner for the pain.
The couple will need to examine whether this relationship is fair for both of them, and make decisions about future conduct.
When the injustice is corrected, the partners will reach a new level of maturity, awareness, and mutual responsibility.

heart 67 Eng Sm** The “Alphabet for lovers” cards give guidance and analysis for topics in existing relationships, but a special paragraph in the interpretation booklet is dedicated to those who are not in a relationship, and seek love:

- For singles, Card number 67 foretells that you will likely get into a turbulent, passionate, and unstable relationship in the near future.
If this relationship breaks down, new beginnings will immediately follow, and eventually, you will find a new and steadier relationship.
It is recommended to give a chance to an old contact from the past that may pop up again in your life.


The "Alphabet for Lovers" offer much more than love and relationships advice – they are also dealing with human relations in general. All sorts of human interactions can be analyzed, professional contacts, relationships with friends and family, neighbors and acquaintances.
Working with the "Alphabet Lovers" shall give you advice and prediction according to the secrets of the Kabbalah.

The detailed answers in the booklet were written by knowledge of the 22 Hebrew letters.
These sacred “signs” are the primal forces that affect the conduct of the universe and its structure, and constitute the cosmic DNA.

AlphabetSet Eng
The “Alphabet for Lovers” is one of the most trusted tools, the "secret weapon" used consultants and personal trainers around the world!
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