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Here are your selected empowering messages from the Inner Wizard Cards:

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The Inner Wizard Cards - Message cards from your Higher-Self:

What does your higher-self want you to know today?
Each card is a soulmate that carries a special message to you - 
just draw it from the deck, observe and internalize.
these cards specialize in guidance and empowerment for everyday reading.
Each card contains a short notelet that helps you reveal your inner truth.
set4 copy
The Inner Wizards allow you to explore and express new things about yourself and your relationship with the world around you.
They are your true soul mates!

The deck contains 84 insight cards and refers to the 4 elements and 12 astrological signs.
This is a gift that never ends!
Give it to the people you most care about! It will make everyone happy!
The Inner Wizard cards are available through Kabbalah Insights: http://www.kabbalahinsights.com/en/products/the-inner-wizard

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