How, by drawing a “random” card from a deck can we reach the knowledge we need?

Most of the knowledge there is about our lives is hidden.
How can we reveal it when we really need to know something?

In our everyday survival mode, when we rely on our 5 senses only, our access to critical information about ourselves is limited – less than 5% is revealed to us.

We live in the material world and “locked" in the physical realm that limits our wide vision.
In this state, we can only be aware of a tiny fracture of all the possible probabilities that exist that can have a direct effect on our lives.

Most of us need a channel or a transmission tool through which we can access the knowledge we need to resolve our life questions and forecast possible results.
We need an indicator that can point on the right fraction of information that is relevant for us at a certain time.

There are some gifted people among us that managed to develop their super natural clairvoyant abilities through training and experience.
Their training and natural talent help them remove most of the physical limitations, so they can spontaneously connect with the source of wisdom.

In fact, each one of us has the potential do so, through Kabbalistic cards reading.
Still, the whole subject of card reading may seem esoteric to most people:

How, by drawing a “random” card from a deck can we reach the knowledge we need?
In order to obtain a reasonable answer, we first have to adopt the theory that there is nothing casual or accidental in the universe.
When asking an essential question and shuffling a deck of cards, a resonance is created between our energy field and the cards’ vibrations.
The energetic field created around the question we contemplate about, has its own unique qualities.
Each card carries a specific images and symbols that convey a typical energetic frequency.
similarities attract, the hand that draws the card will be intuitively attracted to the “right” card in the deck that will lead us to the most relevant answer to a question.

To most of us, the process looks random, while in fact, the hand is drawn to a certain card energetically, or as many expert card readers would testify, the right card simply “falls” into their hand.

It is important to point out, that the better we can focus on our questions, there are more chances that we can draw the right card that will most accurately indicate the most relevant answer to our question.
Reading cards when we our mind is scattered or distracted, will bring to the surface frequencies that will “confuse” the cards, which will be reflected in the answer we receive – either vague or irrelevant to our question.

The Kabbalistic cards do not reveal anything new to you
you already have all the answers deep inside yourself. They will help you connect to your internal wisdom and retrieve the relevant knowledge you need to answer complex questions in your life and forecast the future, and thus, you will be better able to cope with your life challenges.

Reading the cards is simple and accessible to anyone: there is no need for complicated spreads in order to attain accurate answers. You do not have to be a professional card reader or have any prior knowledge in Kabbalah or mysticism.

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