Darkness is a place where our inner light can shine

The physical dimension, in which we exist, was created within the world of manifestation, where the Creator's light is in concealment.
Only a thin line of light reaches it to sustain it.
Here, it is almost impossible to feel the supreme light at its initial intensity.
It seems like we live in almost complete darkness.
This is the dimension where we should undergo our spiritual growth process.

Why do we incarnate into such a dark realm where our vision is so limited?
In order to give us the right conditions to discover our inner light, the light of the soul, which is a spark of the Divine light.
Verse 3 Tikkun Sm
According to the Kabbalah, the initial creation was divided into 600,000 fragments.
Each fragment is a spark from the initial, primordial soul - the soul of Adam Kadmon.
Each spark consists of a soul in its own right, designated to rectify itself independently, by equalizing itself to the form of the Creator, and being filled with Divine light.
Every human has to go through this process consciously.

But why in the dark?

Soul rectification cannot be done in the infinite dimension, because it is full and flooded with light and oneness.
When we are immersed in darkness and distress, we have more motivation to mobilize ourselves and generate change.
In a place of great light and endless abundance, there can be no movement.

Here is an example:
When you sit is a comfortable chair, in a well-lit and cozy atmosphere, and rich food is being served to you for free – are you motivated to get up and go anywhere?

At its spiritual root, the soul exists in an eternal and wholesome state, in infinite light.
A person who has incarnated in a body in the world of manifestation must consciously restore this state, as it is the only perfect state to which the soul must reach.
Darkness is a place where our inner light can shine, like a candle lit in a dark room and illuminates it.

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