How I implemented the knowledge of the Hebrew letters into reading cards - 
and the biggest challemge on my way:

One of the Kabbalistic oracle cards that I recently published are "Revealed by the Letters".
This is a set of 44 mini-cards is inspired by knowledge of Hebrew Alphabet, in which two cards were dedicated to each one of the letters that represent two different aspects of it.

Being a painter who focuses on metaphysical themes, I used my artwork to convey the visual message on each card.

For Example – card #19 that relates to the letter Yod shows my painting “The Blue Balcony”.
Card 19 sample

Throughout the work on the cards, writing the interpretations booklet was a serious challenge for me ...

This is the third set of cards that I created inspired by the knowledge of the Hebrew letters.

The first set "Tokens of Light" was published in 2011 and includes 66 coin-shaped cards. In this set, 3 aspects of each letter were represented by 3 cards.

The second card set "Alphabet for Lovers" was published in 2013 and contains 72 heart-shaped cards. The set specializes in relationships of all kinds, and dynamics between people. Three cards were devoted to each of the Hebrew letters, plus 5 cards that relate to the 5 closing letters, and one more special card which everyone would love to draw in a reading ...

For these two types of cards, the Tokens of Light and Alphabets for Lovers, long and detailed interpretations were written for each card, to help the reader understand what influences the course of their life at a given moment.

With the new "Revealed by the Letters”, my goal was to reduce and refine the information given to the questioner so they will be able to understand immediately what lies ahead. To answer questions such as - what is happening in his life at the moment on a particular topic, what lead to it, what to do, what approach to take, and to find out about the next steps in the story, all that in a simple and direct language.

The greatest challenge I am talking about, was to select the most relevant knowledge to be written for each card.

every Hebrew letter is the whole world unto itself.

The basic knowledge we have about the characteristics of the letters, (and we know very little,) is covering a huge range of their manifestation in the material world. The cosmic wisdom contained in each letter can manifest itself in countless situations, events, conditions, behaviors, relationships, human ambitions, feelings, and all this was supposed to be included in a paragraph of 150 words to give the reader a simple and focused answer at eye level... not only for one particular reader with unique personal questions, but to many types of readers with questions on many different subjects, that are immersed in various personal circumstances when reading the cards ...

In short - the task of taking such immense light as the light of one Hebrew letter, and try to compress it to a clear and narrow mold, made me strain all my intellectual and mental muscles, add a ton of intuition, and at the end, still have doubts about being able to include all the possibilities represented by each letter.

But if you don’t try – you can never succeed.
and here are the results:
2Cards GiomelThe two cards relating to the Hebrew letter Gimel (ג) 2Cards LamedThe two cards relating to the Hebrew letter Lamed (ל)

Finding the right answer:

When you ask a question and draw a particular card from the deck, you will learn that the Hebrew letter that appears on the card is the one that affects your situation at the moment and stirs the circumstances or events that concern you.

Every answer in the booklet presents a number of possibilities related to the answer you seek. Some of the topics that are written for each letter will be more relevant to you than others, and therefore, you should use intuition to regard the most significant knowledge that will help you, and leave aside the rest. Take time to think and contemplate on the answer.

The secret behind card drawing:

The action of pulling a specific card from the deck is an energetic process:
When we focus on a particular question, we create an energy field that reflects the spirit of the question. When we mix the cards while focusing on our question, the cards are included in this energy field. The cosmic law of "similarities attract", causes our hand to be drawn to the “right” card in the deck which has the same energetic frequency of the question asked.

From this reason, it is very important to maintain manual contact with the cards and focus clearly on the subject in question.

Sometimes it's difficult to get clear answers from the cards (any type of cards), because when we are under stress and agitation, our thoughts are blurred and our energies are fooled. At times, there are distracting thoughts that run beneath the surface, which affects our energy field. When our energy field transmits multiple frequencies simultaneously, the card that we draw may be irrelevant to our question.

It is important to emphasize here, that the cards are sensitive to our energy field and reflect it.

Cards with particular letters on them (or letter combinations, as the 72 Names cards), carry the energetic frequency of those letters. There is nothing accidental about pulling a card from the deck.

Card spreads:

In many types of cards like Tarot, various reading spreads are suggested (some of them are complex) to get a broad picture of the situation of the asker.

However, in most cases with the Kabbalistic cards, you may want to draw only one card to get a clear answer. If there is a need to refine the issue, you can draw another card that will give additional perspective on the situation.

In the interpretations booklet you will find a few suggestions for simple card spreads.
Additionally, you will learn how you can conduct a reading for other people, when they're not around you.
You will find an interesting technique that will allow you to get conclusive answers of "yes" or "no" from the cards.

Here is a sample card from Revealed by the Letters:

Card2 Sm
Card No. 2 relates to the letter Aleph (א), and talks about a change of direction that is done irresponsibly, jumping into a dubious adventure or an incorrect interpretation of the current circumstances. The card advises not take unnecessary risks and calculate your steps carefully.

An important note for conclusion:

Kabbalistic cards will not reveal anything new to you: all the knowledge you need to solve your own problems is already inside you, obvious or hidden. They will help you tap into your inner source of wisdom and retrieve the relevant knowledge you need to solve a particular topic.

As sparks of the soul of "Adam Kadmon" (primal man) - the prototype for all living beings, we are always connected to the pool of infinite cosmic knowledge that contains all the answers, advice and predictions about ourselves. Life within the limits of the physical body causes this knowledge to be hidden from us most of the time, so we do not have conscious access to it. For this reason, we need a tool that will lead us to the most relevant knowledge we need. Every card is like a key (Icon) that will lead you to that knowledge.

Rely on your intuition and inner wisdom.

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