What do you do to speed up the sunrise?
It is in your hands…

Dear Friends -

The darkest hours are those before dawn.
According to what is happening around us, this is the stage where we are currently on the personal and collective level.

As I wrote in my previous message to you, we are at the final stretch in the process of great change towards the entry of humanity into the new dimension.

The great change is currently taking place in the spiritual dimension, but until we can feel it here, on the physical level, many of us are still experiencing pain, fear, limitations, confusion and quite a bit of frustration.

The spiritual lesson brought to you here, is conveyed by seal # 12 of the King Solomon seals, the 5th pentacle of Mars, and explains exactly what is happening around us now, and what can be done to pull ourselves out of the thick darkness:
message seal 12 Eng Sm
As we face a new stage in our spiritual development, our conscious vessels expand to absorb new lights.
The desire to absorb more and more filling intensifies, but until we transform the vessels and get rid of negative thought and behavior patterns, the new light will not be able to fill them.
This is a critical and dangerous stage where we grope in the dark, and evil and harmful forces can befall us.
We are spiritually weak and exposed to dangers.

In order to pull ourselves out of the mud, we must bring light into our lives in a conscious and proactive way.

To act altruistically for the common good, to engage in giving, and help the disadvantaged.
Even in times when we feel a reduction in light, we still have the ability to make a good impact in the world.

Notice the verse that appears on the seal:
"Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.” (Psalms 91 -13)
Seal No. 12 helps to draw light to the person and fights the forces of darkness that want to cling to him.
On the magical level, the seal gives you magical and spiritual powers and helps you control evil and dark forces.

When we spread our unique light in the world, and act for the common good, we can defeat the toughest forces of darkness.
Therefore, dear friends - do not succumb to the darkness, and do not listen to the messages of terrorization and conspiracies that flood you from the media and social networks.
It is very easy to get carried away with hysteria and helplessness because that is what we have become accustomed to over years of controlling our consciousness.
Control through fear.
All this is about to change, because we are waking up now.

Although at the moment everything seems muddled and chaotic, always remember that in our limited vision, we cannot see the whole picture, only sections of it, and these sections may seem threatening when our vision is partial.

Be assured that everything is in the hands of the Supreme Providence, everything is happening just as it should be.

When dawn rises (very soon), everything will be flooded with a bright light that will reveal to us the full story of what we are going through, and what enlightened reality we are entering.

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