Do you ever feel as if you are kept in the dark?
Message for this week from the “72 Names Cards”:

Pay attention to what may obstruct you this week:
These could be feelings of limitation, fear, worry and doubt about your ability to fulfill yourselves and progress with your missions. These feelings are like a dark cloud that covers the sun above you.

You must remember that above these stormy clouds, the sun always shines ...

Fears, doubts and limitations are nothing but thoughts, and have no actual connection to reality. They are just a cover that blocks the light that flows into your lives. Do not believe them, because they are originating in the skeptical and anxious ego.

You are much more than your ego, and in your essence, always connected to the light. Once you recognize these defeatist thoughts, they will lose their power on you, you will overcome the obstacles and nothing could stand in your way.

You will cross the dark tunnel of doubt successfully, and find a blossoming garden on its other side.
card 36
Card No. 36 relates to the letter combination Mem.Nun.Dalet (מ.נ.ד).

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