Seven treasures to improve your mood and dispel gloominess:
Advanced work with the 72 Names of God:

Dear friends,

I Recently watched a documentary on the subject of refugees around the world.

People who were torn from their homes, their towns and their countries, places where they worked, raised children, and celebrated family festivities, wandering now in foreign countries, under difficult conditions, carrying their children in their arms along the roads, looking for shelter and a place to rebuild their lives.
Movies about refugees simply touch my soul ...

After my immediate reaction of "God forbid" and 'How lucky I am not to be among them”, I immediately recalled the good fortune I am blessed with, health, abundance, a place to live, access to food, family and friends.
But I don’t always have the opportunity to watch a movie about refugees, and like everyone else, the tension, stress and every day difficulties might make me forget my blessings, and I am swept back to the normal mode of complaining and grumbling. I tend to dwell on what’s wrong or not enough in my life, to focus on the negative things and enter into a bad mood

Sound familiar?

I'm sure that even the most spiritual and enlightened people cannot always maintain a mood of satisfaction and joy.
The eroding very-day life bring upon chronic forgetfulness regarding our good luck.
And when we feel dissatisfaction and frustration, everything is painted in dark and distressing shades, and adversely affects our daily functioning, decision making, loss of enthusiasm and positive progress.

Well - with a little but very effective exercise, we can regain our appreciation and gratitude almost immediately.

To achieve this, we can work with a few letter combinations from the 72 names of God.
This is a magic generating tool, which can be utilized every day to improve your outlook on life, and consequently, magnetize joy and abundance to yourself.

These sacred letter combinations are a direct link between the spiritual world and the physical world.
Each one of the 72 names open a channel that connects you to the infinite universal abundance.
This is a powerful tool capable to bring about real changes in your life, if you use it the right way and do it consistently.

tavla 72names Improve mood When we inscribe a certain letter combination in the mind, body and soul, and we keep doing it over time, we shall see positive changes that will begin at the spiritual level, and from there will affect the mental, emotional and physical levels.

From the list of the 72 names, I chose seven names that can be utilized to bring joy, appreciation and good spirit.

He-Resh-Chet - הרח 
Caf-He-Tav - כהת
He-Kof-Mem - הקם 
Ayin-Nun-Vav - ענו
Vav-He-Vav - והו  
Yod-Bet-Men - יבמ
He-He-Ayin - ההע

I chose these names for you, but in fact, you can choose your own letter combination that suits you best at any given moment from the chart of the 72 Names of God.

* At the end of this article you will find the meanings of the blessed letter combinations listed here.

Here's a quick method to implement the letter combinations to improve your mood and gain joy and optimism:

- Write down each letter combination 7 times on a page daily for a week. (You can write the seven combinations on the same page).

- At the end of the week you will find yourself with 7 (or 49) notes ... What do you do with them?

Keep them in your pocket or purse, in the car, stash all over the house, in the rooms, closets, drawers and under the pillow or mattress – but avoid the bathroom.
letters 122341
Wrap your life with these wonderful letters and you will be blessed.

How to choose the letter combinations that would be most appropriate for you at a certain situation?

To change a problematic issue that we are aware of its source, we allow our subconscious mind to choose a certain letter combination that identifies the source of the problem, and is also the means to solve it and create a new reality.
Therefore, the letter combination are chosen intuitively, through vision:

1 - Take a deep breath, center yourself and tune inwards. Ask yourself: "what letter combination do I need at this moment to heal and repair my life?"

- Scan the chart of letter combinations with your eyes: one name will stand out and demand your particular attention. this is the letter combination you need most at this moment.

2 - For those who own the 72 Names cards - is recommended to shuffle the cards and draw one card from the deck. Your energy field will attract the card containing the letter combination you need most.
Choosing a letter combination Eng

Trust your intuition!

Card49 Sm
 As promised, here are the properties of the letter combinations:

He-Resh-Chet הרח - The umbilical cord that connects you to the Divine light – this name helps in cases of groping in the dark, sadness, anger outbursts and moodiness, pessimism, depression, and over-activity. ה.ר.ח is your direct connection to the Creator, that gives the power to overcome negative outcomes, find what was lost, revelation of hidden secrets, activation of the sixth sense, taking responsibility, courage, overcoming fears, and filling life with renewed light.

Caf-He-Tav - כהת  - Removal of negative energies resulting from mental stress, or from people or places that radiate darkness and hatred. This name disperses harsh energy, counteracts anger and hatred, neutralizing negativity from your surroundings, counteracts stress and mental tension, helps to get rid of sadness, depression, fear and misery, balances the energy surrounding the body, stabilities anxiety, frustration, aggression, fear, worries and temper tantrums, promotes tranquility and relaxation, and makes room for positive energies.

He-Kof-Mem - הקם - Rising from depression – This name protects against depression, mental illness, helplessness, fear and guilt. Encourages optimism and new beginnings, giving the emotional power to stand firm on your feet after defeats, and gives endurance when the path seems unbearable. ה.ק.ם reminds us not to be tempted to take the path of melancholy, and that true greatness is expressed by undaunted recovery, which expands the spiritual light in the world.        

Ayin-Nun-Vavענו - Appreciating what exists – This name will relieve stress, frustration and negative energy, it will teach unconditional appreciation and gratitude, encourage enthusiasm and enjoyment of what you have in life, and heal misery that originates from looking back to the past.

Vav-He-Vav והו - Happiness – This name brings happiness, joy and appreciation to the things life gives you. It encourages optimism, relieves misery, and brings satisfaction on a deep spiritual level.

Yod-Bet-Menיבמ - Finding order behind the chaos – This name will help you find order in chaos, overcome the feeling of panic and depression, to focus, to see things in a broad vision, and gain complete acceptance of the situation. י.ב.מ will help you understand the plan of God that leads you in fulfilling your destiny, the causes of problems you face, and thus – attain serenity, stability and spiritual growth.

He-He-Ayinההע - Inspires unconditional love, and love for your fellow man (even those you have difficulties with). It rises the love in relationships, Love of mankind, helps to create harmony in our relations with our peers, between humanity and nature, and thus achieving true joy and spiritual enrichment.  ה.ה.ע will encourage the progress of relationship towards marriage, developing new friendships, and will dispel resentment and bitterness resulting from quarrel or dispute, hatred and resentment. This name protects against the temptations that cross our path and from the evil inclination of our dark sides. It reminds us that we cannot love others if we do not love ourselves first.

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