Imagine you are given a lead role in the play ....

You are thrown to the center of the stage - but standing there confused because you have not received any instructions.
The Almighty director did not give you any clear script of the plot, and you have to scout your way through the play in order to understand what the director wants from you.
Woman on stage Sm

This is an illustration of what is happening in our lives on earth.

In the spiritual worlds, where the soul exists before it incarnates into this world, the destiny and path of a person are determined for the next lifetime.
The general scenario of our lives is planned in advance, with possible calculated changes in the plot, dependent on the choices we make at the important junctions of our lives.
In the upper worlds, we are expected to explore and understand our personal destiny and follow it.

The full realization of what we are destined to experience and learn throughout our lives will contribute to the development of our soul and spiritual intelligence.
Throughout our lives we experience challenging lessons that are intended to teach us what our mission is, and what way we should go in order to fulfill the aspiration of the soul.

Our world is a realm of concealment, the Divine light flowing from the upper worlds is filtered through many screens that hide the large picture from us, and the clear knowledge of our destiny.
Here, within the boundaries of the matrix, we are subject to external influences, circumstances that dictate our conduct, different people who try to direct us to the "right path" without truly recognizing our inner essence. We follow advice, social conventions, and rules.
The background noise is dominant and hinders us from realizing the true purpose for which we have come here.

How can we know the script for the play of our lives anyway?
If we learn to converge into ourselves and listen to our inner voice, to ignore the background noises that distract us from the path chosen for us by the soul, we can clearly see the destiny we are here to fulfill.
When the path is clear, we can devote ourselves entirely to realizing our personal vision.

Our soul speaks to us in many ways, especially through our emotions and intuition.
When we are on a path that is right for us and doing what we are meant to do, we feel it strongly on all levels of our existence.
This can be described as a feeling of inner harmony, wholeness, satisfaction, and joy that comes from within.

What will help us to listen to our internal guidance?

Nun Mem Mem Book Eng SmMeditation with the letter combination Nun-Mem-Mem (נמם) from the 72 Names of God and inscribing it in the body and mind, will help you listen to your inner voice, to your spiritual mind.
It helps Neutralize the external influences that interfere with your true goals, and clearing your vision to see the mission you are destined to fulfill.

נמם will encourage totality in actions, self-realization, soul rectification, ability to read minds, intuition and foresight.

Through my new Kabbalah book “72 Sessions with the Soul”, you will learn in depth about the immense powers that were given to us to create a good and enlightened reality for ourselves, heal and transform, and to remove the barriers between us and the fulfillment of our desires.

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