Revealed by the Letters
set 1658 Eng Sm
These 44 clever little cards are designed to provide you with focused answers to important issues in your life.

The cards based on the wisdom of the 22 Hebrew letters, which are the principal forces that created the universe.
Set Eng Sm
T he Collector's Edition contains 44 mini-cards wrapped in a fancy organza bag, and a detailed interpretation booklet, packaged in a natural-color box. The inside of the box is signed by Orna Ben-Shoshan, the creator of the cards:
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Revealed by the Letters
Set 4 Website 44 paths for guidance and prediction according to the Hebrew Alphabet
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This precious set of cards is the "little brother" of the Tokens of Light (published in 2011).

The 44 small and clever cards in this set are designed to provide you focused answers and practical advice on important questions in your life.

What can the 22 Hebrew letters tell you about your personal life?
According to the teachings of the Kabbalah, the 22 Hebrew letters are the building blocks utilized by the Almighty when creating the world and everything in it, and they embody the cosmic DNA of all creation.
Text from "sefer Yetzirah" (The book of Creation) that talks about the creation of the world with the 22 Hebrew letters.

Each letter represents a certain energetic frequency which is reflected in both the spiritual and material realms. Each letter is a whole world unto itself, a defined entity that interacts with the other letters. Each letter is linked directly to our personal lives and indicates tendencies, situations, circumstances, events and human characteristics according to its own "specialty” and distinguished frequency.

In this set, two cards were dedicated to each one of the 22 Hebrew letters that represent different aspects its unique attributes.

Two cards are related to the letter "Gimel"

Two cards are related to the letter "Teth"
...This is a very strong and helpful deck. I really do appreciate the advice to only read for yourself, due to the nature of the cards. Our journey through life after all, is an introspective one."
Review about the cards by Bonnie Chehovet at theworldoftarot.
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...” So these cards work with the energy of the Hebrew alphabet. I find these energies to be very different from what I’m used to, but different in a good way. To my feelers these energies are quite pure and honest, straight forward but loving, with a healthy dose of cleverness.
... One thing I always have loved, and always will, but is still something I feel I must mention is that the interpretations are definitely coming from a different cultural and spiritual framework. This really puts a different spin on things and a different point of view for whatever subject you are reading on....
I find I must highly recommend this unique oracle system to anyone who loves oracles or unique divination systems, especially with the way this deck works with the Hebrew alphabet. Orna Ben-Shoshan has put an individual spin on card reading which is unlike anything else. But when you include her beautiful and again, unique, artwork on it this is truly something one-of-a-kind.
Read the full review by Brandie Johnson 

"I just love Orna and her Heavenly creations and this blessed new divination tool based on the Hebrew alphabet didn’t disappoint. There are 44 cards that have the ability to get right to the issue and when I drew mine I was in awe at the way it got right in there. I would recommend this much needed little buddy to anyone who wants a sense of what is truly going on under the hood. Thanks Orna, you completely did it again."
Review by Riki Frahmann at Mystic Living Today

"Thanks so much Orna for such wonderful cards, they arrived sooner than expected and I have had many readings which all have been accurate. They are beautifully illustrated and comes with a little manual describing what each letter/card means for people who are initiates. My life is so much richer now that I have my beloved Kabbalah cards. Highly recommended." [Louis]
Did you ever wonder...
How, by drawing a “random” card from the deck, can you reach to the relevant answer you need?
The mystery is revealed in this video presentation:

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for consultation and prediction according to the cosmic DNA.

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Pick a card and get a personal message from “ Revealed by the Letters ” cards:
Get a sample one-card reading at the blog.
  Card No. 3 is related to the letter Bet (ב) and talks about a firm and protective lifestyle, blessings in the material aspects, prosperity and economic stability. Warm family relationships and tight friendships. The card advises that waiving certain time and privacy for the benefit of the people close to you, shall give you a reputation of a generous host and encourage others to compliment you and support your goals.
Guidance from the
Hebrew Alphabet
Accurate, reliable advice for every pressing situation and life question.
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The 32 Paths of Wisdom according to the Kabbalah - The Hebrew letters consist on the passages between the spheres.

No complicated spreads are necessary in order to attain accurate answers, and you do not have to be a professional card reader. Knowledge of Kabbalah is not necessary when using Revealed by the Letters cards. The set is easy for anyone to work with, provided that you approach it with openness, consciousness and honesty.

A personal message for you from the "Tokens of Light" - One card reading for insights, guidance and prediction.
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A valuable guidance tool was prepared for you:
A simple to use system that will guide and empower you, with great accuracy, any time you need reinforcement when facing life's challenges.
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"The 22 universal entities that will support your journey on earth"

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