The important spiritual lesson that Corona virus can provide us

This time, the Universe truly shoves reality back at our faces –
Coronavirus spreads around the world and plants hysteria wherever it reaches.

From a spiritual point of view, there is an important lesson we can all learn from it:

More than anything else, COVID-19 is a social epidemic.
A result of the level of spiritual consciousness our humanity had declined into.

Let me explain…

According to the Kabbalah, when human society is flooded with negative thoughts and bad intentions, greed, violence, confusion between good and evil, between pure and impure, pessimism, collective concern about livelihood, fear of illness and war, these thoughts form a large mass of negative collective consciousness that eventually, manifest themselves in reality, in the most tangible form.

The general hysteria is further intensified through the media and the Internet, flooding us from all directions. It's hard to remain indifferent to it.

The power of collective fear is enormous.
It attracts external evil forces to it - the forces of darkness. As a result, negative energies descend into the world, causing hardship, sickness, plagues, epidemics and disasters that affect many people simultaneously.

Verse 3 Tikkun SmThe Kabbalah calls them decrees, that fall on the general population.
Something needs to be rectified on the personal and the collective level.

So - first, it will be a good idea to reduce your exposure to negative messages from the environment.
Don't get into mental paralysis because of threatening news that flood you from the outside.

And there is a lot we can do on the personal level: Change our consciousness.

We should do our best to avoid falling into darkness, despair, fear, and resentment, and focus on a positive and loving worldview.
Remember that we all came from one source, from a huge Divine soul that divided itself into numerous particles.
We are all connected and responsible to each other.

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