The world's most ancient insurance policy - courtesy of King Solomon

King Solomon's seals surprise me over and over ...
How did the wisest man know, already in the Biblical period, what are the common human anxieties and concerns about his physical and mental well-being, and the integrity of his property?

Out of the 44 King Solomon seals, I chose five, from which a comprehensive insurance policy can be issued especially for the modern man.
Notice what factors worried people in ancient times, which are still relevant today ...
King Solomon seals appear here with sacred letter combinations from the “72 Names of God”, which are intended to protect, sweeten decrees, and purify the energies that surround a person both on the global and personal levels.
Hotamim 6 protection Eng Sm
- From these seals you can make your own personal amulets:
Download the image with the seals to your computer,
print it on paper,
and dedicate the amulet to yourself by writing your name and mother's name on the back.
To "activate" the amulet, hold it between your hands and allow its energies to penetrate your energy field,
ask the seals to help you achieve your goal, and to say "Amen".
Fold and wrap with plastic wrap.
Keep it close to you in your purse or pocket.

** One of the seals shown here is included in a special set of pocket-size amulets in an elegant gift box -
"The 14 Blessings" - which includes 14 Kabbalistic pocket-size amulets with King Solomon Seals for luck and success in all aspects of life.
GiftSet Eng 114110Sm

On the back of each amulet, there is a blank space where you can fill-in your name and mother’s name in order to dedicate it to yourself.
For more information:

The Seals of Solomon - or "King Solomon Seals" are powerful symbols related to King Solomon.
According to the ancient traditions, these were the symbols engraved in his rings.

King Solomon seals are used in many Kabbalistic amulets and talismans.
Each seal has a particular purpose and influences a certain aspect of your life.

I prepared a poster containing the 44 seals of Solomon, all in one place.

This poster works as a "mega amulet" and when hung at home, the seals' magical energies will radiate all around and create miracles in your life.
poster 44seals Sample
The 44 Seals of Solomon and their interpretations:

Download the digital file and print your own poster:
Or – order the artistic print on quality arches paper:

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