The letter combination that will help neutralize the forces of evil

At this period, humanity as a collective, is undergoing an intensive expansion of vessels towards a quantum leap in its spiritual evolution.
The vessels expand to receive additional light, but before the light can fill them, we must transform many conscious vessels that we have accumulated over the generations.

At this stage of the process, when many vessels are still blocked to the entrance of light, we are exposed to the "external" forces - the forces of impurity and darkness infesting the shells (Klipot).
These forces break into our lives in the form of disasters, hardships, hostile activity and mutual hatred

At this time, we should implement the powerful spiritual tools we have been given to dispel the darkness.
One of these tools is coded in the Jewish prayer "Ana Bekoach".
The prayer "Ana Bekoach" is a powerful prayer which verses encode holy names that have a wide range of function.

In the second verse of the prayer "Ana Bekoach" the holy name is coded "Kara Satan" (קרע שט"ן).

קַבֵּל רִנַּת עַמְּךָ שַׂגְּבֵנוּ טַהֲרֵנוּ נוֹרָא – קרע שט"ן
Kabel rinat amcha sagveinu ta’hareinu nora
“Accept the prayer of your people, exalt us, purify us, you, who is called "dreadful”.

The letter combination Kara Satan has a direct literal meaning, to tear off the power of Satan.
To tear from ourselves the internal and external enemy and the forces of darkness that threaten us.
To cancel the power of the devil, remove negative energy,
to close the doors through which negativity enters our life,
To eliminate the forces of plunder and violence,
To uproot the negative traits from ourselves (as individuals and as a collective), those negative traits that allow the "external" forces to take hold of us.
And also: to cancel all the indicting forces, the evil eye, bad thoughts and harsh decrees, that is – to mitigate decrees.
קרעשטן באנר קטן
It is recommended to practice an attunement with the name Kara Satan especially in this period, when the forces of darkness and impurity are raging around us.

How is it done?

Visualize the letter combination קרע שטן in front of your eyes,
Imagine the letters shining in front and above your head, over dangerous geographical areas, above the entire country and above your home.
Imagine yourself wrapped in the light of the letters that protects you from the forces of plunder, violence and aggression.
Imagine that the sacred name קרע שטן cleanses and purifies the forces of impurity and darkness.

Ask the Creator (in your own words) that by the power of the name Kara Satan, the negative forces will be neutralized from the root, the decrees and verdicts that lie upon you and the whole public will be eliminated.
Hold the image of the letters קרע שטן in your mind for a few minutes and invest a strong intention in the process.

At the end say: "Blessed be the glory of His Majesty forever and ever."

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