When global calamities affect you personally –
How can you help yourself through the powers of King Solomon seals

The power of King Solomon seals is enormous.
They transmit focused and precise frequencies from the spiritual worlds to the physical reality of our lives.
They are capable of helping a person in all areas of life, from livelihood, health, relationships, and protection, to achieving respect, prestige and personal fulfillment.

There is a special seal that can help you survive disasters and crisis on the global level.
Seal #21 – The Third pentacle of the Moon
Seal 21 solo Sm
Look at the psalm that is written on the seal:
" רצה יהוה להצילני יהוה לעזרתי חושה "
“Be pleased to save me, Lord; come quickly, Lord, to help me” – (Psalms 40-13)

Its purpose is: it provides protection from natural disasters, sea storms, earthquakes, and lightening, storms at travel and sailing.
The seal helps in situations where disasters and troubles fall on man as a result of a general rectification that include large masses of people, the entire society, the nation, and all of humanity.
The impact of such decrees affects a person individually, and he is vulnerable to calamity.
(This includes the current global Corona crisis...)

What does comprehensive rectification mean?
Each person is a small part of a large vessel that includes a large group of souls.
As man undergoes processes of spiritual development individually, so do entire nations.
Every nation needs to realize itself in the material world, and undergo development and transformation, and this is done through global - historical events that affect all of society and accelerate the collective rectification progress.
These corrective actions usually occur through wars, natural disasters, epidemics, famine and economic crises.
The whole nation, as a united entity, undergoes a process that is intended to expanding its vessels.
This expressed in difficulties and decrees that threaten masses of people.

Seal #21 helps a person who suffers from the consequences of rectification at the socio-national-global level.
It is therefore recommended to direct the power of the seal not only on yourself, but also on all the people around you, in your city, and in your country.

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