Clearing the black holes in your soul:
Message for the week by the names of 72 cards:

Did it ever happen to you that you broke all contacts with a certain person because of conflict or resentment, and this detachment is continuing over years? For some people, there is no turning back, no forgiveness ... "How can I forgive this person after what they have done to me?" They ask.
Such deep disconnections happen especially among people who were once very close together, family, parents, siblings, or friends whom you loved and trusted.

The price for maintaining an ongoing anger is high: resentment and inter-personal tension create a black hole in your energy body, a barrier that impairs our wholeness.
Somewhere in the background, some sadness is always lamenting that harms the joy of your life and makes it difficult to thrive.
If we want to grow personally and spiritually, we need to remove these black holes.

The ability for forgiveness, compassion and love for mankind is an attribute that always exists within us, by being a spark of the Divine soul.

The act of reconciliation is not easy – it requires overcoming the ego, but along with it – it brings us closer to our true essence - the loving, compassionate and forgiving aspect.

When we solve an ongoing conflict, we fulfill ourselves spiritually. Genuine, wholehearted forgiveness to those who hurt us builds bridges not just an interpersonal level, but creates new ties between us and the higher realms.
With each act of forgiveness, a new cycle opens in our lives, we are loaded with a sense of joy and satisfaction, and released from the barriers that stopped and restricted us.
card 30
* This message was given by a card No. 30 relating to the letter combination Aleph-Vav-Mem (א.ו.ם) of the 72 Names if God.

Meditating with Aleph.Vav.Mem (א.ו.ם) and inscribing it in your body, mind and soul, shall bring Union between people:
This name will help you build bridges and get people closer together, love of humanity, compassion, cultivating friendships, extending your hand for peace even to people that you are in conflict with, and nurturing family ties. It will help you forgive your enemies and achieve spiritual perfection. With the compassionate approach, bridges will be established for you to the upper realms, and to the source of joy and satisfaction

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