What letter is affecting your life right now?

The energies of the 22 Hebrew letters drive the world. Learn how they work in your life, your thoughts, feelings, aspirations and decisions, and how you can gain insight and guidance through the knowledge of the most ancient Alphabet.

In order to find out, let’s go back to the starting point - the creation of the world.
According to Kabbalah, the Hebrew letters were created before the creation of the world. A system of ten spheres was formed, in order to enable the Divine light to be transmitted through a chain of energy frequencies, from the most abstract and spiritual form, all the way to the lowest, densest and physical form.

A lot of knowledge about the creation of the world appears in the Book of creation (Sefer Yetzira):
The Book of Creation
is an ancient Jewish essay of great significance in mysticism and Kabbalah, with various interpretations by the greatest Jewish sages who lived throughout the generations. The language and character of the book are so unique, that it has no similar writings, cannot be categorized, and is considered as one of a kind book in the field of Kabbalah.
The book, containing two thousand words, talks about the elements of which the world was created. The language of the book is Hebrew, its grammar is rhythmic, and the teaching definitive. (Wikipedia).

According to Kabbalists’ essays, the Hebrew letters were created two thousand years before the creation of the world, and were ambiguous, abstract and theoretical. For two thousand years, God was observing the letters and playing with them, until he decided to implement them in a physical world for the purpose of unveiling his wisdom.

In chapter 1, verse 1 of the Book of Creation it’s said:
In two and thirty most occult and wonderful paths of wisdom did JAH the Lord of Hosts engrave his name: God of the armies of Israel, ever-living God, merciful and gracious, sublime, dwelling on high, who inhabiteth eternity. He created this universe by the three Sepharim, Number, Writing, and Speech.”

These tools were in the hands of the Creator when he decided to create the world: the ten sefirot (spheres), and the 22 Hebrew letters that connect between them. Altogether – 32 paths of wisdom. Through these tools, God expresses his intention in the world and created all that exists.

Each one of the Hebrew letters is measured by three aspects: According to its graphic form, according to its numerical value, and according to its pronunciation. That teaches us that each letter is based on three different power centers that distinguish it from all other letters. Each one of the Hebrew letters has its own energy frequency, and is designated as whole entity unto itself.

These basic building blocks and their various combinations created all creatures.

Since the process of creation is a constant and ongoing, the 22 Hebrew letters are the channels through which the Divine energy is continuously transferred from the supreme worlds to the practical world (Olam Haasiyah), which is the dimension in which we live and operate.

In the Book of Creation, chapter 2, verse 2 it’s written:
He hath formed, weighed, transmuted, composed, and created with these twenty-two letters every living being, and every soul yet uncreated.”

Verse 5 says:
For He indeed showed the mode of combination of the letters, each with each, Aleph with all, and all with Aleph. Thus in combining all together in pairs are produced these two hundred and thirty-one gates of knowledge. And from Nothingness did He make something, and all forms of speech and every created thing, and from the empty void He made the solid earth, and from the non-existent He brought forth Life.”
Here we learn about creating numerous letter combinations.

As each letter participates in the process of creation with its unique energy frequency, and an infinite amount of letter combinations is composed in numerous ways, there are countless ways in which the Divine power manifests itself by generating countless variation of formations.

All that exists in nature, technology, industry, scientific discoveries, ideas, world events, politics, thoughts and emotions, all those were created and are affected by endless energies of letter combinations.

According to the Book of Creation, Hebrew letters are divided into 3 categories:

Three mothers and seven double and twelve simple.

The three mother letters are: Aleph (א), Mem (מ), Shin (ש) which relate to the three elements of nature: air, water and fire.
The seven double letters are letters : Bet (ב), Gimel (ג), Dalet (ד), Caf (כ), Peh (פ), Resh (ר), Tav(ת), have two modes of pronunciation - hard and soft. In Hebrew they are written with or without accent. for example:  תּ or ת, בָּ or ב and so on.
The double letters represent the material world with its duality – one against the other. Also - they represent the seven days of the week and the seven heavens.
The twelve simple letters are: He (ה), Vav (ו), Zayin (ז), Het (ח), Teth (ט), Yod (י), Lamed (ל), Nun (נ), Samech (ס), Ayin (ע), Tzadi (צ), and Kof(ק). They represent the twelve months of the year and the twelve tribes of Israel.

Another clue to the creation of the world by the letters is found in the secret level of the first verse in the Bible:
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”.
"בְּרֵאשִׁית בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ"

Look at the word "the" which is parallel to the wordאת  in Hebrew: Aleph -Tav it interpreted as: Aleph (א) to Tav (ת)  א – ת– The first letter all the way to the last letter, which represents all the letters from start to finish. In English it would be: from A to Z '.

Here is an example of the qualities of the letter Bet (ב), the first letter in the Bible, with which the world was created:
The letter Bet is the second letter in the Alphabet, its numerical equivalent is 2. Bet created planet Saturn and the day of Saturday (Sabbath), it is related to the earth element, in the tree of life it leads between the spheres Wisdom (Hochma) and Grace (Chesed) and governs wisdom.

Bet is responsible for the Deviations: Wisdom vs. foolishness.

It balances the mouth and speech.

Bet symbolizes blessing and health. It signifies the physical world. In its balanced form, it represents material establishment, multitude, distribution of abundance, and material benediction. Bet complements and integrates between opposites and brings upon a state of harmony.
In its unbalanced form, Bet will decline too deeply into the matter, will induce selfishness, possessiveness, instability, and all that entails.

* Here I pause and remind you that the secrets of the Hebrew letters and the creation of the world are an ocean of knowledge. The information in this article is incomplete, simplified and concise to give you general knowledge about the subject.

The Hebrew letters and the creation of man:
The Hebrew letters were given to the first human who appeared on the sixth day of creation, so mankind could be a partner in the act of creation and continue it in the material world. The letters were inscribed in his body, and the initial knowledge of the nature of the letters was imprinted in the human DNA. (For example - the letter Aleph (א) was imprinted in the chest, the letter Mem (מ) in the abdomen and the letter Shin (ש) in the head). This is what distinguishes man from all other creatures and crowns it as supreme species. When man was created, he used this knowledge to give names to all the flora and fauna that were created before him.

The human consists of letters:
As we live in a physical world (the world of implementation, or “practical” world, according to the Kabbalah), our physical, energetic, emotional and mental bodies consist of the same building blocks that created the world. What distinguishes each individual from all other living creatures, is the special combinations and compositions of letters that constitute it, and determine its essence.

Every letter of the alphabet has a hidden code, power, and energetic quality. According to the Kabbalah, when God created the world he created the letters as cyphers, signals, signs. In any such code lies a certain spiritual power, and by composing different combinations of various codes, distinct keys of energy frequencies were created. Each letter is distinguished by color, shade and tone of its own, and has unique cosmic potential. The spiritual force behind each letter gives it its own unique hue depending on its punctuation and articulation.
Humans consist of letters. According to the Zohar we learn that the 22 letters of God are concealed in mankind: In Aramis it would read: “Esrim Vetarin Etwan Inun Clla deraza degufa” (twenty-two letters of God are the essence of the body).
The letters that were embedded in humans, in every fiber of their organs (248 of them) determine the nature, temperament and traits of each individual. Each organ and physical function were created by a letter combination.

The first name of each individual consists of letters that represent its energy structure and innate qualities, and therefore, are of crucial significance to his life. Each letter of the name represents a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical potential in a person. The given birth name charges us with all the tools that compose us: nature, health condition, quality of life, lessons to be learned, and more. The first name indicates the spiritual form inherent in man, the spiritual abundance with which he came into the world, nature and essence, and even the man's mission in this world.

The creator human:
As the letters were the utilities in the hand of God to create the world, we, humans who were created in God's image, are also able to implement letters to fulfill our desires in the material world.

Our thoughts are built from letters that form words, we are able to pronounce our thoughts and our ideas outwards, and this way, we can bring them to fruition. Since we have been granted the right of choice, we are able to create material and spiritual content, to bring about change, to influence, build or destroy, and to use the power of letters to create our personal reality.

Through our individual and collective creation, we fulfil the will of God in the world, and return the divine wisdom back toward the upper realms. (In other words: we prove the wisdom of God in the world).

Psalms 82,6 says: " I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High." This verse tells us that us, humans, same as God, are also able to use the power of letters to act, compose, engrave, combine and create in this world, as we were created in the image of God. But obviously, we need to know how to use the power of the letters correctly in a way that will not contradict the laws of creation.

It was said about Bezalel Ben Uri who built the temple for the Tablets of the Covenant in the desert : "because Bezalel knew how to combine letters that created heaven and earth" (Blessings 55). The first Biblical artist was familiar with the meanings of the Hebrew letters and used them to build the Tabernacle correctly, and load it with sanctity.

A well-known example of the creative power of man with the Hebrew letters is the legend about the Maharal (Rabbi Yehuda Liwa ben Bezalel) from Prague, who created the Golem )dummy) from clay and breathed life into him by inserting the letters of Shem Hameforash (name of God) into its mouth. The Maharal created an artificial person and activated it with holy letters. When the Golem completed his mission, the Rabbi removed the parchment with the letters from his mouth, and he returned to be a pile of dirt.

The healing properties of the Hebrew letters:
By their unique power and energy, the Hebrew letters can shift people from one situation to another and create a new world of possibilities.
The letters connect a person to insights and wisdom that are beyond consciousness, and in their balanced mode have healing and corrective properties: the energies stored in the letters can help a person make positive changes in his circumstances. They have the potential to stimulate and activate healing and growth, to clean and remove destructive impulses. Many Kabbalistic healers are using the letters in their practices as they radiate them onto an imbalanced area of the body.

By learning the energetic attributes of the letters we can understand the forces that influence us inside and out, and what should be amended in our lives. Together with the constructive (positive) features of each letter, there are also inverted properties, representing the destruction that might occur if their natural energy flow is blocked in our lives.

What is the connection between the Hebrew letters in your personal life?
Each letter represents a unique energy path that expresses itself in the material world, and therefore - in your personal life. Cosmic energy is flowing to a person through the 22 channels, and affects the course of his life and his spiritual journey. Since the process of creation is continuous, energy shifts are endlessly occurring in our environment and individual circumstances. As energies change, they influence our moods, thoughts, desires and impulses. The elements that created us, the 22 letters, are never still.

Let’s return to the question that opens this article:

How would you know if the letter Peh, for example, enhances your life right now? And how it is expressed?

These features of the letter Peh:

With the letter Peh (פ), the 17th letter, God created Venus and Wednesday in the week, the Hebrew months of Tishrai and Eyar. Its numerical equivalent is 80, it is associated with the earth element. In the Tree of Life, Peh connects between the spheres Gevurah (severity,heroism) and Hod (Splendor). Deviations: bloom against the desolation, gracefulness against ugliness. Peh governs rule and authority. It evokes love, harmony, healing, prosperity and fertility, the skill of free expression and reinforcement of breath.

The letter Peh represents opening and breakthrough and the organ of speech, the mouth, the expenditure of ideas and words outwards, communication skills and personal expression.

In Hebrew, many words that express breaking out from a closed state into the open, start with the letter Peh. For example: mouth (פה), opening (פתיחה), breaking out (פריצה), blasting (פיצוץ), discharge (פריקה), blossom (פריחה), and so on.

When you are under the influence of the letter Peh, in its balanced (positive) mode, you'll notice a strong desire to break out and fulfill yourself, you will experience how doors open to you, breakthroughs, and personal bloom. Improvement of self-expression that enables you to deliver your messages to the world more effectively.

If the energetic flow of the letter Peh is blocked in your life, you may feel its unbalanced (negative) effects: there may destructive explosions of existing structures or relationships, excessive talkativeness or inappropriate gossip may cause damage, or you may feel stagnation and inability to express yourself effectively and bring ideas into reality. Problems might also arise with the left ear, that is related to the letter Peh.

every Hebrew letter is the whole world unto itself.
The basic knowledge we have about the characteristics of the letters, (and we know very little,) is covering a huge range of their manifestation in the material world. The cosmic wisdom contained in each letter can manifest itself in countless situations, events, conditions, behaviors, relationships, human ambitions, and feelings.

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