Is it really possible to love and forgive everyone?

Dear friends,

The New Jewish year 5784 is underway, and with it, all our prayers for a brighter reality, for a good life of peace, tranquility, abundance, love and rectification of everything that has gone wrong in our lives in recent years.

I asked for a message from the 72 Names of God for the new year, and I received an amazing answer:
One of the important rectifications we must focus on in the coming period is our relationships and overcoming hostility, resentment and baseless hatred.

Different people are summoned into the life of each of us.
Some of them benefit us, and some challenge us, annoy us, oppose us, or hurt us.

Is it really possible to forgive people who drain our energies and cause us grief and anger?
Is it possible to love them unconditionally?

Kabbalah provides us with an empowering and enlightening perspective on the subject:
Every person who comes into our lives is actually a reflection of the Creator:
He/she is a vessel through which the Creator communicates with us and shows us what we must improve and correct in ourselves.
This is an opportunity for internal change.

Every person has a divine spark, no matter who they are, how they look, act or speak.
Even the simplest person we encounter is relevant and important to our development.
However – it is verry difficult for us to recognize it…

In the world of concealment in which we live, where we are immersed in separateness, we interpret the person who challenges, upsets or offends us as an external entity that has come to make life miserable for us.
However - this is not the case from the point of view of the Thought of Creation, which sees everything in perfect unity, and manages our lives in an incredibly precise way.

If so, we must understand that every person who appears in our lives is a messenger from the Creator, and he/she is summoned to us to allow us to grow.
If that person helped us or supported us - he contributes to our growth being carried out easily and joyfully.
If that person hurt us and lowered our spiritual frequency, he still supports our process, but this is achieved through difficulty.
There are no coincidences here.

Every person who challenges us and makes our life miserable, transmits to us some Divine vibration, and reflects a certain aspect in ourselves.
He embodies a conscious vessel that we have built and have not yet rectified, a certain issue that has not yet undergone correction.

Should we forgive a negative person who makes life difficult for us?
It's up to you...
Once we manage to see the big picture of reality, it will be easier for us to get along with the people around us.
The entire human society will achieve reconciliation, harmony and peace, fruitful cooperations, solidarity and unity.
And so, the spiritual frequency of all of us will rise and alleviate all decrees.
Everything starts with us.
Resh Yod Yod Eng book Sm
The letter combination Resh-Yod-Yod (ר.י.י) from the 72 Names of God, helps to eliminate baseless hatred, to purify spiritual contamination, and to shed from yourself feelings of anger, loathing, hatred and resentment towards a person or group.
Resh-Yod-Yod (ר.י.י) will lead to the rectification of the soul to the root, will provide protection and also deter hostile activity that may be taken against you.

All this knowledge is presented in the book "72 Sessions with the Soul".
In the book, you will learn in depth about the meaning of the 72 Names of God, and how to carry out your personal rectification and bring into your life abundance of all kinds, inner peace and personal fulfillment.

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