What do we need to know when the events taking place in the world become more and more insane?

This time I will talk about the Russian war in Ukraine ...
Do you find it strange?
What do wars and geopolitical events have to do with us, spiritual people?...
Well - every event that takes place in the "external" reality, reflects deep spiritual truths.
When this war started, I thought to myself (and certainly you too), what was so urgent for Putin to attack Ukraine right now?
What is all the destruction, suffering and killing of this war for?
Isn't it time for some peace and tranquility in this world, after what we've been through the last two years?

And another question that went through my mind is, will the "bad guys" eventually win?
Are there still not enough people in the world who have woken up from a centuries-old coma to have a positive effect on the situation?
What else needs to happen so that our earthly reality will turn for the better?

I was looking for answers, and turned to the Hebrew letters for advice.
The Hebrew letter that came up in the reading is the letter Tav (ת), which symbolizes the end of processes, setting old scores and drawing conclusions.

It’s true, we still do not see the big picture of everything the world is going through right now, but because we are nearing the end of a massive process of change that is going through all of humanity, the big picture is about to be exposed in a bright light.
card 43 Tav Eng Sm
The war in Ukraine is a significant catalyst that will help humanity understand the chain of events, the factors behind the chaos, and what has caused the global deterioration we are experiencing.

Let us remember that the "external" circumstances conceal many spiritual truths within them.
There are many screens of lies and distractions around us in which we tend to believe.
In fact - most of us tend to identify with external events, because we live in a world of concealment, and this is what our illusory reality shows us.

And very soon everything will become clearer, and when the light of truth shines with power and clarity, it is impossible to resist.
Even the deep sleepers will have to wake up.
It is impossible to continue sleeping when the light shining around us is so dazzling ...

At the end of the process, a critical mass of wide-awake and sober people will be formed in human society, which will lead to a total change of consciousness, that will affect the physical reality.

The letter Tav (ת) will help us understand the purpose and essence behind the processes we went through, reach peace of mind, ground dissipated energies (in Kabbalah they are called "lost sparks"), release old stuck and unresolved issues, close and seal open cycles.
Tav (ת) will help us develop new hopes for a better future, to formulate a clean and innocent worldview, and a renewed confidence in life.

What we need to focus on right now, is, to let go of the outdated worldview, to understand that so far, we have been led and directed by governing forces that had outlived their time, and are no longer suited to the new dimension we are entering.
These destructive and false forces are about to exhaust themselves, as they are currently operating at full force.
It is very important to develop more independent inquiring thinking, and not to panic because of what we see in the media.

The knowledge I brought here was lovingly onveyed to me by the "Revealed by the Letters" and "the 22 Gifts" cards.
Comb Revealed 22 Gifts Sm
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