Pick One card and get a personal message from the “72 Names" cards

Think of a question and select one card from the board.
If you don't have a specific question, you can request a message from the cards, something that you need to know now.
Write down the number of the card you have chosen, go to the bottom of the article and find your answer.
Sample reading G Eng Sm
These 5 cards were drawn from the “72 Names cards". Each one has a special message for you.

The 72 Names cards specialize in spiritual guidance:

The set contains 72 cards, based on sacred letter combinations from "72 names of God", and provide practical answers to questions from all aspects of life with an emphasis on the spiritual path.
The answers in the booklet contain 3 paragraphs for analysis, advice and the end result. Unlike other known methods of divination, you only need to draw a single card in order to get a clear understanding of your situation.
The best Kabbalah Cards ever created!

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Set 20150602 Eng

And here are the answers:

26 – האא – He-Alef-Alef
Reorganizing priorities
Perspective – Periods of chaos occur when the order of things is about to change. These are only temporary phases.
Many changes occur all at once, in different areas of your life.
You feel overwhelmed and unable to see what is ahead of you.
Your confusion raises doubts and weakens your ability to make decisions.

Direction – Do not resist the chaotic condition, let it be. Keep your calmness in the restless waves of accelerated change and do not force hasty solution.
Bottom line - Many seeds of opportunity are twirling around you.
When the dust settles, things will become clearer and you will be able to make balanced decisions and reorganize your priorities.


46 - ערי - Ayin-Resh-Yod
Confidence in the cosmic plan
Perspective – Sometimes we doubt if we can truly control our reality. Great efforts and much stress
at work or at home may bring you to the edge of your endurance.
A complicated situation sucks all your energies. You may be filled with guilt about your inability to solve your problems effectively, and worry that you have lost control of your life.
Direction – At any stage in our development we get exactly what we need for the purpose of our spiritual growth.
Even in stressful times we must remember that a spiritual program was intended for us to fulfill in the material world, and therefore, there is no need to feel guilty about a temporary loss of control.
Keep your faith in spite of the difficulties and constraints. You did what you were supposed to do in this challenging situation.
Bottom line – Soon you will regain your strength, and will get a clear proof that major forces are at work in your favor. 

55 – מבה – Mem-Bet-He
Realization of ideas
Perspective - Delays and obstacles weakened your enthusiasm and creativity. Your project lost its momentum.
You tend to put off tasks and sink into laziness and old habits.
Doubt and fear may bring you back to the starting point, and all you've accomplished so far may be lost.
Direction – Persistence would dissolve any resistance. Your original idea is of great importance and will affect many people.
It is worth taking risks in order to achieve the goal. Keep your positive purpose on mind at all times, and then fears and doubts will vanish.
Bottom line – Positive feedback will prove that your original idea is valuable.
You will learn new ways to bypass obstacles.
Inspiration and creativity will give you a new momentum and help you get your idea into practice.

60 – מצר – Mem-Tzadi-Resh
To be set free
Perspective – Pressing domestic circumstances that dictate your life might make you feel like a slave.
You are stuck in a complex situation where you are required to meet the high expectations of others, and the burden limits your moves, restricts and imprisons you.
You have an urge to set yourself free immediately.
Direction – Freedom or imprisonment, are a thinking pattern. Feeling guilty for burdening people or circumstances makes you feel trapped.
The fear that you may disappoint others causes you to lose your personal freedom. Do not take responsibility for their inability to fend for themselves.
Things will get better as soon as you place your terms. You may have to consider moving to another location.
Bottom line – A temporary detachment from your environment, movement and travel will create momentum in a positive direction.
New opportunities will open when you remove yourself from the current situation and set yourself free.

63 – ענו – Ayin-Nun-Vav
Appreciation and gratitude
Perspective – Sometimes we find it hard to notice all the good things life has given us.
At the moment you can only see the negative aspects of your life or the things that you were unable to accomplish.
You look back with nostalgia and wish that things would remain as they were.
Direction – If you look too far into the past or the future, you will not notice the flowers blooming at your feet.
The good things that happen in life are not rooted in the past, but happen at this present moment. Be thankful for what you have right now.
Be humble and know that the divine channel of abundance is the one that feeds your life.
Bottom line – Realistic perspective on the troubles of others will bring you back to the right proportions and prove to you how fortunate you are.
Take advantage of the great resources you have, because you are facing an intense period of work and increased creativity.

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