Pick One card and get a personal message from the “72 Names" cards

Think of a question and select one card from the board.
If you don't have a specific question, you can request a message from the cards, something that you need to know now.
Write down the number of the card you have chosen, go to the bottom of the article and find your answer.
Sample reading F Eng Sm
These 6 cards were drawn from the “72 Names cards". Each one has a special message for you.

The 72 Names cards specialize in spiritual guidance:

The set contains 72 cards, based on sacred letter combinations from "72 names of God", and provide practical answers to questions from all aspects of life with an emphasis on the spiritual path.
The answers in the booklet contain 3 paragraphs for analysis, advice and the end result. Unlike other known methods of divination, you only need to draw a single card in order to get a clear understanding of your situation. The best Kabbalah Cards ever created!

For more information and purchase:

Go to: http://www.kabbalahinsights.com/en/products/the-72-names-cards
Set 20150602 Eng

And here are the answers:


Illuminating the dark corners

Perspective – Every object casts a shadow when being lit. When your spiritual growth is accelerating, dark corners of your personality may emerge to the surface and be expressed in full force. Every step in the process of self-discovery brings up resistance and old patterns that help us see what else needs to be released. You feel that success is just around the corner, but you have a tendency to put it off by attracting difficulties to your life and piling obstacles on its way.

Direction – The dark sides of your personality are reflected to you in order to emphasize the growing light. Do not resist the process - as soon as you can identify an old and limiting behavioral pattern - send it on its way in peace.

Bottom line - Your cleansing process is not complete yet. The light will fill up the spaces that were cleared away. Do not be afraid of victory - you certainly deserve it.



Maintaining the circle of abundance

Perspective – The circle of receiving and giving elevates your spiritual level and helps you see yourself as an integral part of life. Acts of generosity and good will, and charity you do today, are never lost. You will reap the proceeds at a later time, just at the moment you’ll need them.

Direction – Take advantage of prosperous times to give to others. Cast your bread upon the waters. Giving with love and joy frees us from the sense of neediness, and direct our thoughts to the needs of others. You make a living by what you get, but live life to the fullest through what you give.

Bottom line – You will receive valuable help from an unexpected source that pays you back for things you did for him in the past. Beware of a close person that exploits your feelings and your commitment to him, and squeezes gifts or money from you, even if he doesn’t really need them.



Oneness, unity and love

Perspective – The best partner you can have in life, is a person who will treat you with respect, accept you as you are, and recognize your best qualities.

Direction – All souls are sparks of the single source of light. Unity, closeness and love between people cure ailments, mend fractured, and bring happiness. Joy is the vessel through which divine abundance flows and enriches our lives.

Bottom line – A close person treats you with affection, and your mutual affinity is getting stronger. In matters of romantic relationships, this closeness will lead to marriage. If the relationship is of business nature, a fruitful partnership will develop between you. If the connection is social or political, innovative and constructive ideas will come out of it. Your success will come through collaboration with a loved one, a caring family or supportive environment.



Happiness and contentment

Perspective True happiness depends on our appreciation to what already exists in our lives. If you have lost your smile lately, you may have been focused too much on yourself, or on material desires and ambitions that were not yet fulfilled.  

Direction - To revive happiness, begin to appreciate what life has given you. Come out of yourself, and do things that bring pleasure to others. It is said that any good deed that is done without expecting reward, first of all delights the giver himself. The deepest joy comes on the spiritual level, rather than satisfaction of mundane ambitions.

Bottom line – Soon you will be able to look at what you have with satisfaction, and will be very pleased with the way things have evolved.



Help from supreme light

Perspective – Feelings of gloom, pessimism, and deficiency may disconnect you from the flow of life. You fumble your way in the dark, and tirelessly look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes a person may run around in circles to find a cure for his pain and filler to his emptiness.

Direction – Fear and pessimism are the screen that block the supreme light from entering your life. Halt the endless search and make room for guidance from above. For now, you have to be attentive to the guidance your soul is trying to convey to you. Relax and put your faith in divine powers that work in your favor.

Bottom line – You are not alone in the world, and you have a consistent link with divine light that aspires to illuminate your life. Mental strength that you never knew about will be discovered to you on your way to healing. Act courageously and take responsibility for your life. Depression and gloom will pass, and what was lost will be found again.

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