Externalizing your inner beauty
Wisdom of the “72 Names of God”  

These days, many of us may feel helpless in the face of all the turmoil that is happening around us: terrorism, hostilities, massive hysteria raised by the media, and political corruption.

The external events that occur in our human society are, however, the backdrop of the stage in which our personal lives are taking place.

And here is some food for thought:

We cannot do much about the events taking place outside of ourselves, but our reality is determined by their reflection inside ourselves – and what we do about it.

Our real work in this world is the internal work.

When you accept yourself fully, as you were created, your inner beauty is projected outward and your charm is at its peak. In many cases, circumstances require you to use your charm and self-confidence to please others so you can get what you are asking for.

Because you are the main actor in the play of your life, your personality must be reflected outwards in its full potency.

Feeling good about yourself radiate your inner beauty to the outside and make you look attractive and appealing to others.

Humorous approach towards many situations that you encounter will make the atmosphere lighter and raise the willingness to fulfill your requests.

Beautifying the body will also affect the mind. We all know the good feeling that we have when we dressed in our best garments…

While you neutralize the negative feelings you have towards yourself and focus on self-love and self-acceptance, you should also learn to ignore the dark sides in other people, and see the divine spark in every person.

Fortunately, we have a divine support system that helps us get through the personal adventure of our lives.

This support system is the "72 names of God."
tavla 72namesWithNumbers Sm
Through work and practice with these powerful letter combinations, we can connect to graceful Divine energies at any given moment in life, to ease our journey and create changes for the better.

The letter combination Mem.Chet.Yod (מחי)of the “72 Names of God” will help you externalize your inner beauty, see yourself handsome and attractive, be liked by others, acquire self-confidence, neutralize negative attitude about yourself, and see others beyond their faults. Mem.Chet.Yod (מחי) encourages a sense of humor, and externalization of the beauty and positive attributes that you possess.
This letter combination should be implemented in the physical-mental- spiritual levels every day for a period of a week, or until you feel that the process has been completed.

Methods of working with the letter combinations:

Implementing the combinations of letters through the crown chakra
Crown Chakra copy
Sit in a comfortable position, relax and breathe a few deep breaths.

Imagine that you are surrounded by endless illuminated beings, like small balls of light that float all around you, whirling and dancing.

Look at these entities, and notice that they consist of a three letter combination that come to nourish and heal you. Stay in this vivid "cloud" of entities for a few seconds.

Imagine a bright funnel opening above your head, over your crown chakra, its spout is planted inside your head, and its opening is facing upward.

Inhale, and imagine that you "draw" the letter combinations through the funnel, and into your head.

Exhale, and imagine how the letter combinations are pushed down into the body and spread to every corner.

Feel them flow inside all parts of your body, wrapping your internal organs, and spreading towards the extremities.

With each breath - pull more enlightened beings into your head, and with every exhalation, push them down towards the body and illuminate it from the inside.

Stay with this image for a few more seconds, and feel what is going on inside you.

Very soon you will feel improvement in the way you feel about yourself, and the way other people see you. It will become easier for you to achieve your goals, because people will be fascinated by your charm and willing to help.


The full list of the “72 Names of God” and their meanings, is available through this website:

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