Decorate your home or office with enhancing amulets that work as powerful generators for good fortune and success.
This rare series of artistic Kabbalah amulets is produced as limited edition signed and numbered prints on canvas.

Amulet in Bedroom
The 72 God Names is a set of 72 three letter combinations, originated from three verses in chapter 11 of the book of Exodus. This chapter tells about the miracle of the parting of the red sea and the salvation of the children of Israel as they escaped the army of Pharaoh.
This location in the bible demonstrates the might of God in its full potency.
The 72 Names of God
Utilizing these sacred letter combinations in everyday life opens the door to spiritual transformation and gives us the tools needed to participate in the fulfillment of the cosmic plan.


The wall amulets are available as high quality prints on canvas, stretched over a wood frame, ready to hang. Please refer to number below each item when ordering.

20x30 cm is  $52/each.
34x50 cm is $94/each

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The enhancing amulets contain sacred letter combinations provide blessings, success and healing in all aspects of life: relationships, health, career, wealth and protection.
52 – עמם
Induces enthusiasm, spirituality, devotion and inspiration. Nourishment from the root of the soul. Dispels dullness.
20x30 cm print on canvas now on sale! for $36.50  (Reg. price: $52)
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47 – עשל
For peace, tranquility, stress and strain removal, sustaining kindness, self acceptance, unconditional love, ending wars and quarrels both on a personal and global level.
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18 – כלי
Fertility: Helps with spiritual blockages, menstruation strains and menopause. Aids in childbirth, induces sexual maturity, creativity and realization.
20x30 cm print on canvas now on sale! for $36.50 (Reg. price: $52)
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10 – אלד
Protects from the evil eye. Defense against unseen causes of damage and trouble such as jealousy. Fills the soul with faith.
20x30 cm print on canvas now on sale! for $36.50  (Reg. price: $52)
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האא - 26
For Balance and harmony in life: Reorganizes priorities, helps with making the right decisions, removes doubts and intensifies capabilities. buy 20x30 buy 34x50
12 – ההע
Unconditional love: awakening love and relationships. Love of mankind, achieving joy, inducing marriage and friendships, relieving bitterness, hatred and resentment. buy 20x30 buy 34x50
16 – הקם
Protects against depression, mental illness, powerlessness, dread and guilt. Induces optimism and new beginnings. buy 20x30 buy 34x50
9 – הזי
Channeling positive energies, removing bad luck. Divine providence, communication with angels, connection with the higher self, mental and spiritual wholeness and balancing mood swings. buy 20x30 buy 34x50
41 – ההה
Improves self esteem: promotes personal growth, self appreciation and expression, dispels over-dependency and a victimized feeling. Helps you take responsibility and listen to your inner voice. buy 20x30 buy 34x50
8 – כהת
Dismiss negative energies from your surroundings, relieves anger and resentment. Helps rid you of sadness, depression, misery and fear. Balancing sensations of frustration, aggression and worry. buy 20x30 buy 34x50
55 – מבה
Helps fulfill your wishes, bringing into actualization, Binding the soul and body together to gain enthusiasm, overcome fear and execute what you have started. Creativity, momentum and willingness to take risks. buy 20x30 buy 34x50
5 – מהש
Good health: Neutralizes all sorts of illness, cures for the body and soul, protects from pain, chronic fatigue and malfunction, induces cleansing and finding a cure.
20x30 cm print on canvas now on sale! for $36.50  (Reg. price: $52)
buy 20x30 buy 34x50
64 – מחי
To find grace, gain self esteem, neutralize negative attitudes about yourself and others. Induces a humorous approach, responsibility and extroversion. buy 20x30 buy 34x50
23 – מלה
Inspiring wisdom, sharing the light with all living creatures, giving and sharing knowledge, enlightening darkness, revelation of spiritual secrets, becoming a personal example for others and finding eternal joy.
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36 - מנד
Helps remove fears, overcoming bashfulness, transferring darkness into light, desert to bloom, helps you bypass obstacles.
20x30 cm print on canvas now on  sale! for $36.50(Reg. price: $52).
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30 – אום
Helps create bridges to higher realms: love for mankind, compassion, cultivating friendships and nourishing family links, forgiveness of enemies, obtaining spiritual contentment.
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45 - סאל
For abundance and prosperity, fortune, wealth and benedictions. To remove financial blockages, promote good livelihood, and eliminate debt.
20x30 cm print on canvas now on sale! for $36.50  (Reg. price: $52buy 20x30buy 34x50
28 – שאה
For the ideal match: marriage, , making friends, closeness to others, valuable relationships, developed imagination, spiritual growth, good business associations and mutual progression.
20x30 cm print on canvas now on sale! for $36.50  (Reg. price: $52).
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49 - והו
For happiness, joy, appreciation, induces optimism and dispels misery.
20x30 cm print on canvas now on  sale! for $36.50 (Reg. price: $52)
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44 – ילה
To alleviate a tough fate: reprieving the harsh doomsday. Smoothing arguments, help with legal issues, getting rid of resentment, increasing non-conditional love. buy 20x30 buy 34x50