King Solomon Cards
Cosmic messages at your fingertips
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The distinct collectors' edition of King Solomon cards:
The current edition is almost sold out. The remaining sets are available in a silver box at a reduced price.
The set contains a set of 36 cards + 5 bonus pocket-size amulets wrapped in a fancy cloth bag, and an interpretation booklet.

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The King Solomon Cards are excellent for those who seek immediate and accessible consultation.
You do not have to memorize the answers the way you work with tarot card meanings in order to perform a reading. All the answers are interpreted in the booklet, and you can return to it every time.

Conducting combined readings with the King Solomon Cards and the 72 Names cards:
Are you curious to know what are the mystical symbols drawn on the cards in addition to the King Solomon's seals?
These symbols are, in fact, seals that are used for summoning angels.
By knowing their names, you will be able to get more information from the messages transmitted to you through the cards and deepen your reading experience.
And who are these angels?
They are linked to the “72 names of God”.
According to ancient information by the order of the Golden Dawn, there is a series of 72 angels representing the sacred 72 Names of God.
Each angel has its own unique attributes, times when it is active, planet in the solar system, a sign of of the zodiac, and a link to certain verses in the Book of Psalms.
Anyone who works with “King Solomon cards”, for himself or for others, can also add a corresponding card from the 72 names cards to the reading, in order to receive additional information and a deeper understanding about the subject in question.

Using both sets of cards in a reading
will enrich your understanding and provide you with a lot of vital information.
When purchasing the combination of "King Solomon Cards" + the "72 Names Cards", you can request the "Angel Connection" list, that will connect each card from the King Solomon Cards to a corresponding card from the 72 Names Cards.
Apply here

Great Reviews!

“I found the artwork and imagery to be very magickal, drawing the Seeker into the picture. The readings that I have done for myself have been very appropriate and enlightening.

The deck works for me in a very deep way. Seekers from all backgrounds would have no problem working with this deck...
Review by Bonnie Cehovet

How does one describe this totally unique deck of cards?
Well let’s start with a few words my students, a group that included people who have never done readings before:
I asked the group to each choose a card for their partner and then interrupt the card for their partner, based on the pictures and symbols.
Without words on the cards, the students were forced to trust their intuition.  They felt the cards were:  expressive / open / honest / non-restrictive / inspiring and informative.
I also asked a number of experienced readers to share their thoughts and their words for the most part mirrored the students, although they found themselves looking for more information by connecting with their guides.  The lack of words is one of the reasons I like the cards so much.  Since I don’t generally use the books that come with cards, the pictures are full of inspiration.
This is a terrific deck for self-reading, pulling one card and asking myself "what insight do I need for myself today?"
Many of the people who had the opportunity to look at these cards with me, are already asking where they can buy them.   So does this make them a deck everyone should use, I can’t say,  I  know I am having fun using and learning more about them every day.
Many Blessings - Lynn Marie - Timeless Spirit Magazine

Review by Kiki at the Tarot Dame      
"...I definitely recommend this little gem of a deck for anyone interested in an oracle deck that will fuel your intuition and bring a bit of magical synchronicity into your readings."
Read the full review at: Tarot Dame review of K-S Cards
Review by Elizabeth Hazel - Editor of the ATA Quarterly Journal.
"The King Solomon Oracle Cards is an entirely new species of oracle deck. They were created with thought, care and fine artistry, and offer a vastly different and tantalizing trajectory on a number of levels....

Ms. Ben-Shoshan’s art expresses the card’s themes in a highly surrealistic manner.... Gazing at these cards is like getting a revitalizing brain massage – you can sense your synapses making happy “pling!” sounds as new connections and ideas emerge...
The King Solomon Oracle Deck is recommended for readers who enjoy working with surreal artwork, who are fascinated by talismanic symbols, and who want to get out of card-reading ruts."
"I have several card decks but my favorite is the Orna Ben-Shoshan Solomon Cards. I find them to be trustworthy like no other card deck due to the included Kabbalah and Solomon Seals.
If you e.g. use a pendulum or you use other Tarot Decks you yourself can influence the outcome with your ego if it is strong and if you are not careful. But the Solomon deck always trumps my ego/ my wish for a certain outcome
I have seeked the advice of the cards and sometimes gone against the advice of the King Solomon cards and I always end up laughing at myself for not following the advice, seeing how right the words in the little booklet were. Use them with or without te booklet - your preference.
Sometimes I also use the 72 name cards, especially if I have a blockage that I need to dissolve i.e. work on for a longer period of time
The unique energetic attributes of King Solomon Cards grant them the title of “the most accurate and reliable product in the realm of divination cards”.
The King Solomon Cards were first introduced to the public in September 2008, and were eagerly anticipated with great enthusiasm.

The interest in the cards was not limited to “metaphysical experts” alone, but arrived from a wide scope of social groups, including numerous “ordinary” people who had never used reading cards before. The reason for this is simple – most divination cards offered today (such as tarot cards - "cartas tarot") are too complicated for self-use, and require a professional medium to perform the spreading and interpretation.

More and more people like you, learn to make the right decisions with the King Solomon Cards.

Amulets-KingSolomonYour valuable bonus is included with the cards:
A set of 5 pocket-size amulets with King Solomon seals for success and good fortune.
You can carry these amulets wherever you go, and they will positively influence every area in your life: livelihood, wealth, love, health and success.
(It is worth getting this set of cards for the bonus amulets alone...)
On the back side of each amulet you will learn about its purpose. In order to dedicate the amulet to yourself, it is recommended to write your first name and mother's name on the back of the amulet.
These small amulet cards are not aimed for reading, and should be removed from the set when you open the box.
Card #11 is about:
Flexibility - lenience - willingness to compromise - tolerance - forgiveness
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