What is your mission and purpose in life? Soul mission #1
(According to a numerological calculation)

If your mission number is 1:

Your mission is initiative, ground-breaking and pioneering.
Your path consists of originality, independence, and expression of your inner truth.

- You must learn to be individual and independent, to understand yourself and implement your full personal potential.
To pave the way and lead.

- Your way to deal with life challenges is through courage and originality, willingness to leap forward into the unknown, belief in yourself and your abilities, determination and flexibility, and not through aggression and domination.

- Life will get you into situations, places or people that will not support your process, and will undermine your ability to rely on yourself. You will be tested again and again for your determination and fortitude, and you must prove strong willpower.
You may need to disconnect from people, situations or places in order to find your freedom, so that you can attain satisfaction and happiness from your life.

- Your purpose is demanding, fascinating and exciting and will advance you toward your exalted realization.
You'll have to go on unpaved roads and for that purpose - you must be courageous.

- If you follow your original and independent path you will gain recognition, popularity and status from your immediate and distant surroundings.
You shall bestow to others important assets or something you founded, initiated or conceived. Therefore, it is recommended that you polish the raw diamond hidden within you, and implement it in your highest aspects.
You may need a lot of courage to do this, but the happiness that will fall in your part will justify the effort.

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- You must avoid the negative attributes of the energy of the 1:
which are selfishness, aggressiveness and ungratefulness.
The need to prove yourself all the time, get recognition from others and getting your ego caressed.
- If people contact you for help and guidance, you should be prepared to provide it.
- Do not depend on the opinions of others.
- The constant desire for honor and recognition may turn you into tyrants who are unwilling to accept criticism.
- You must be aware of the tendency to abandon existing relationships rather than investing in them, because of the constant pursuit of enthusiasm and new beginnings, and the relentless desire to jump on the next adventure.

Why is it so important to discover your life purpose?

You have come to this world, in this incarnation, to perform a certain role.
Your soul has chosen for you the purpose and mission in order to grow and develop, and if you follow this path accurately, everything will fall into place.

We are all destined to achieve the best for ourselves, but many of us find it difficult to connect to their mission and life purpose, which make life full of bumps and pitfalls.
Many people do not realize, until the last stages of their lives, what their soul wants, and what is behind all the difficulty of earthly life.

What does your calling mean for you, why should you manage your life in the path that is intended for you?

- Your number of mission and life purpose will show you what you are supposed to accomplish in your life, and what you must avoid in order to prevent failure and suffering along the way.
It represents the energies available to you in this life, the force that drives you into a certain lifestyle, a certain career or occupation, a geographical area, social and family scenes, in order for the soul to be fulfilled.

Even the difficulties and challenges which you encounter throughout your life are designed to push you to follow your purpose.
Walking in the right direction toward your personal destiny, and synchronizing with the commandment of the soul, will bring you happiness, satisfaction and success.

Are you also curious to know why life has summoned you all the difficulties and challenges you have experienced?

By applying a simple numerological calculation method, you will understand your life purpose and mission in the world, and how you should be conducted in order to attain happiness and success.

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The document you will receive includes clear instructions for calculating your mission number and its important significance.
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