Do you also think life is just unfair?

We always welcome with love the happy and pleasant events in life, but stand stunned and affronted in the face of the difficult situations, the troubles and the mishaps that we encounter.
When things go wrong, the thought that arises in us is:
"It wasn’t supposed to happen to me, why did I deserve it?
I tried so hard, I had good intentions, I was wronged, life is just unfair ..."
In many cases we do not understand the chain of events that caused our suffering, the blow that suddenly landed upon us, and we feel anger, helplessness, and a desire to avenge those who harmed us.

How easily do we forget that we have come here to learn and evolve, and that hardships and challenges are the means by which we learn about ourselves and our capabilities?

Self-pity is a warm and comfortable nest, but it weakens our ability to cope and to emerge from difficult situations.

The scenario of our lives is predetermined by the soul before we reach this life, and this includes all the circumstances, the background, the events, the predicaments and the challenges with which we shall have to cope throughout our lives. Although as we are born we fall into the center of a prearranged stage of events, we have been given a precious gift: the freedom to choose.

Freedom of choice is a huge asset: we can decide whether to stay and fight or escape, to cope or to shrink in our corner in fear or anger, to see every difficulty as a lesson for growth, or to believe that life is bad to us and to feel victimized.

Everything is a matter of free choice.

(Millions of poor people in India, for example, from the low casts, who do all the "despicable" jobs that no one is willing to do, cope with their situation in surrender and acceptance, a healthy approach for them, that saves them much suffering and conflicts. They simply accept their life circumstances, and hope that in the next lifetime, they will be rewarded for their suffering).

What attitude will you take, and in which way will you cope with challenging situations?

The choice is yours.

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