Do you believe in miracles?
(Advanced work with the 72 namesof God)

When and how do miracles happen?

What happens when a change occurs in our inner reality - the spiritual level, an extraordinary transformation that alter our approach to a particular issue in life, or a moment of enlightenment that opens our eyes to a different vision of reality?

What happens to us when a new insight appears from an unexpected source, and clearly proves to us that up until now we've walked around with our eyes covered, and could not clearly see certain truths?

Such a turning point on the inner/spiritual level, carries a powerful energetic frequency that resonates outwards, and changes our external reality. Changes that take place on the deepest spiritual level, affects all the “coverings” that surround it: the mental, emotional and physical “shells”.

And where the change takes place most intensely in the physical level.

In “Real life”, Most of us are tempted to follow the familiar and “easy” path and sink into self-pity, jealousy of others, anger, and seeing the world as a cruel place that victimizes us. In short – we accept the assumption that “Life is tough".

But what happens when this attitude shifts and the consciousness expands? 

Self-pity is replaced by taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions,
Envy is replaced by the recognition that the universe has infinite abundance, and there is enough for everyone,
Anger is replaced by forgiveness, understanding and kindness,
The cruel world turns to a welcoming playground full of adventures,
The victimized attitude is replaced by empowered-self and initiation,
The “Tough life” is exchanged by joy and faith that everything will work out for the best.

And on the physical plane -

Issues that were stuck and blocked suddenly begin to gain momentum and move in a positive direction, difficult circumstances change into good and happy events, battles that were considered us as lost cases end in sudden victory, tough fate turns into good luck.

Miracles occur suddenly, but in fact, they are the result of a process that developed under the surface for a long time.

The letter combination Samech-Yod Teth (סיט ) of "72 names of God" ignites the power of miracles in your life by allowing the universe to express the internal change in the physical (external) level.
When you feel helpless, stuck, frustrated, angry or desperate, stop for a moment, relax, and meditate with this letter combination.

Inscribing Samech-Yod Teth (סיט ) in your being, ignites a process of internal change in your belief system that will manifest itself in your mundane life. It is recommended to work with this letter combination for one week or until you feel you have exhausted the process.

סיטIt is important to emphasize that working with the sacred letter combinations of the “72 names” must be done with complete faith in the power of names to actually affect you.
tavla 72namesWithNumbers Sm
Meditation and visualization with the letter combinations:

I created a video presentation for you that describes one of many techniques you can use to implement the names in your being.

You can also use this technique to inscribe any of the "72 names of God" to suits you at certain period of your life.

You are welcome to watch the video here:

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