When the reward for your efforts is delayed - does that mean you failed?

Do you know what is Bet-Teth-Resh-Tzadi-Teth-Gimel (בטר צת"ג) ?
Ana Becoach Batar Tzatag
It is part of the famous Jewish prayer the prayer “Ana Bekoach”.
The powerful "Ana B’koach" prayer consists of seven verses of six words each, and is related to the 42-letter Name of God.
The 42 letters represent the 42 journeys of the Hebrews during their exodus in the desert.
The first letters of the words in the prayer compose a 42-letter combination.
Each pair of letter combination has a significant meaning.

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The prayer starts with the words:
“We beg you, with the strength of your right hand's greatness, untie the bundled sins …”.

The Kabbalah teaches that Ana B’Koach is a powerful tool for spiritual communication.
Its purpose is to connect us to the root and source, and remind us that we were created by spirit.
You can find the full translation of the prayer to English here: https://www.israel-catalog.com/content/ana-bekoach-prayer-voice-deep

In the fourth line of prayer, the verse says:
ברכם טהרם רחמי צדקתך תמיד גמלם = “Bless them, purify them, pity them, May your righteousness always reward them.”

The first letters of each of the 6 words in the verse combine together to form the letter combination Bet-Teth-Resh-Tzadi-Teth-Gimel (בטר צת"ג).

When we chant the prayer, the letter combination בטר צת"ג connects us to the power of perseverance and overcoming obstacles.

Why do we meet this verse in the prayer?
Each of us has a harmful internal enemy, which is – doubt and distrust.
Doubt rises when we experience delays and disappointments in our spiritual journey, and it make us believe that we are getting nowhere, and even more so, it convinces us that we have spiritually stumbled.
According to the Kabbalah, doubt comes from the impure and evil forces in the world, and its mission is to fail us.
It tells us lies and grounds us deep in the illusion of the material world.

If we rise above this delusion, we will realize that as we grow and develop spiritually, the obstacles and difficulties increase as well.
Tumbling in life is not a failure - it just shows us that we have moved on to the next level, where we are able to make greater efforts in overcoming challenges.

We must continue to persevere until we can rise to a new, higher level, and experience it in our consciousness.
This letter combination gives us the strength to persevere, despite the illusion of being stuck.

In the fourth verse of prayer, we ask the Creator to reward us for the fulfillment of our purpose.
Miracles occur and rewards for good conduct eventually comes, but they are the result of hard and consistent work.

The fourth line of prayer is associated with the Sphere if Netzach (נצח) (Eternity) and Wednesday in the week.
According to Zohar, this letter combination controls the cosmic window that relates to, among other things, the sun which controls Leo.

The mandala:
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It will connect you to the power of the sacred letters and to a blissful feeling.
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