What are the ingredients of pure enthusiasm?

And what might prevent us from feeling joy and inspiration?

When we adhere to the positive and enlightened aspects of life, spirituality and faith, it will be difficult to extinguish our joy and enthusiasm, and it will nourish us even when we face complex challenges.

However, it is not always possible to preserve the inner fire that drives us to self-realization.
When we encounter barriers, delays, absorb disappointments and failures, and become bitter and exhausted, we may sink deep into the density of matter and move away from all our enlightened and exalted sides.
A tired and exhausted person usually finds it difficult to maintain the momentum and passion.
Fatigue and disappointments separate us from the joy and the sense of transcendence, and then, doubts arise in our ability to complete what we have begun.

According to the Kabbalah, the more despair we feel in our lives, the more we distance ourselves from the light and love of the Creator...
Mem Bet He 55 Eng Sm
The remedy is encrypted in the letter combination Mem-Bet-He (מ.ב.ה) from the “72 Names of God”. The power of this sacred name is to break the screens that surround us and prevent the light from reaching us, and to neutralize the restriction imposed on us because of the obstruction in the channels of abundance.

Through my new Kabbalah book “72 Sessions with the Soul”, you will learn in depth about the immense powers that were given to us to create a good and enlightened reality for ourselves, and to remove the barriers between us and the fulfillment of our desires.

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