What Hebrew letter can help you right now?

Pick one card, and find out how the letter you have chosen can help you overcome a challenge you are facing.

Find your answer at the bottom of this article. 

Every Hebrew letter brings with it healing and balance.
When we face a challenge in our lives, a certain letter from the Hebrew Alphabet can empower us and give us the necessary forces to cope.

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So what can you do to recruit the power of your chosen letter to our advantage?

You can do it through meditation:
Visualize your cosen letter shining in front of your third eye, a great light descends from Infinity and passes through it, illuminating you from the inside and wrapping you from the outside with a healing glow.
Ask the power of the letter to inspire you and give you the strength to meet the challenge you are facing.

For those who wish to express a prayer - this is the text:
May the Lord, our God and the God of our forefathers, fulfill my wish and accept my request from his treasure of unconditional giving.
May you bless and inspire abundant grace to all your people and among them me and my family, through the power of the letter (you chose), so I, (your name and father’s name) can overcome ... (you can think of the challenge before you).
May the words of my mouth and the logic of my heart be heard by you, the Lord, my redeemer.

- This prayer can be applied to receive the power of any of the Hebrew letters.
- Notice that the prayer is formulated as a request to the whole, that not only will I shall enjoy the power of the letter, but the other people will be empowered by it as well.
Prayers for the greater good get more attention in the upper worlds.

You should visualize your chosen letter in your mind for a few days, until you feel that the gates are opening and the obstructions dissolve.

The cards in the image were picked from the magical 22 Gifts card set.

** The Twenty-Two Gifts
cards are a valuable offering for anyone looking for empowerment and guidance at challenging times.
By drawing intuitively a certain Hebrew letter from the deck, you will learn what internal attributes (which already exist within you) will help you cope with any challenging situation in your life - what forces must be exerted so you can emerge victorious.

Focusing on the Hebrew letter you chose, and keeping it in your consciousness for a few days, will evoke the powers in you to overcome complex difficulties and situations.

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The cards also serve as an accurate analytical tool:
In addition to the reinforcement and empowerment, the cards will provide you with a great deal of knowledge about yourself, provide you with points of thought about what may be blocking your success, questions you can ask yourself when you get a letter from the set, and hints about your current situation.

For more information: https://www.kabbalahinsights.com/en/products/the-twenty-two-gifts

Here is the empowerment you need:

3 – Gimel (ג)

The letter Gimel connects between the spheres Binah (understanding) and Gevurah (valor) and associated with the fire element.
Gimel will give you stability and strength, bring you closer to the giving and abundance attributes of creation, will lead you to opportunities for charity, kindness, and rewarding anyone who was kind to you, so abundance and good fortune can roll into your life.
Gimel will encourage you to mature emotionally and mentally and be weaned from dependency on others (parents, teachers or employers) and teach you how to make decisions without hesitation. Gimel is helpful in peace-making, concessions and harmony, and enhances the joy of life.

Good times for new beginnings and fulfillment of aspirations: Mondays.


1 – Aleph (א)

The letter Aleph connects between the spheres Chesed (Grace) and Gevurah (Strength), and relates to the air element.
Aleph gives you the gifts of wisdom, consciousness and intellect.
Helps you put energy and spiritual powers into your daily activities, to demonstrate leadership and courage, to get up and initiate, generate new reality, go in unconventional ways, develop free will and stick to your inner truth.
Aleph strengthens the heart and spirit.

Good times for new beginnings and fulfillment of aspirations: fall and spring.

13- Mem (מ)

The letter Mem connects between the spheres Netzach (eternity) and Hod (splendor) and associated with the water element.
Mem will encourage creation and regeneration, it helps you flow with life without resisting the circumstances, to sacrifice and surrender yourself to higher forces that are working on your behalf in mysterious ways.
Mem will teach you to give up the ego, desires and expectations in order to achieve superior goals, will give you strength to support others without causing yourself a heartbreak, to be patient when things do not work out right away to your satisfaction, and will improve your flexibility and adaptability.
Mem is the glue that holds people together, it will help you develop maternal, protective and nourishing skills.

Good times for new beginnings and fulfillment of aspirations: the months of winter.


22 – Tav (ת)

The letter Tav connects between the lowest spheres Yesod (foundation) and Malchut (kingdom) and is associated with the water element.
Tav will help you understand the purpose, essence and the truth behind the processes and hardships you went through, to find peace of mind, and feel that you arrived to rest and containment.
Tav grounds scattered energies, it will help you let go of stuck issues in life so you can move on, close and seal cycles and achieve wholeness.
It provides condolences and help you accept endings and losses, and inspires new hopes for the future. T
av will help you develop honest, clean and innocent world view, quiet the doubtful ego and renew your confidence in life.
With its help, you will gain appreciation and recognition for your accomplishments and the reward for your efforts.

Good times for new beginnings and fulfillment of aspirations: the month of Cancer.


18 – Tzadi (צ)

The letter Tzadi connects between the spheres Gevurah (strength) and Tiferet (beauty), and is associated with the air element.
The letter Tzadi consists on wisdom, humility and modesty, and will lead you to the realization of Divine goodness in everyday life.
It promotes integrity, idealism, morality, restraint and walking the way of justice.
It directs you to high values, kindness, personal ethics and spiritual ascension.
Tzadi encourage you to help others and to act for humanitarian causes.
Encourages you to settle for less and consider the needs of others and the common good before your own interests.
It will teach you compassion, common sense and leadership skills.
Tzadi will help you reconcile from situations of grief and loss, and achieve balance and justice in the trial.
Brings joy and good livelihood to the ones who do charity.

Good times for new beginnings and fulfillment of aspirations: the month of Aquarius.

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