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This unique 83-page workbook will teach you each one of the 44 seals of Solomon in depth, both on the practical mundane level, and from the Kabbalistic – spiritual point of view. 
The book is in digital form.
Download the PDF file, and you can read it from your computer or print the pages on your home printer at A-4 size.

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the King Solomon seals
study and practice workbook

Learn the secrets of the King Solomon seals and how to
implement themin your life for success and self-fulfillment

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This book can actually change your life!

The power of King Solomon's seals is enormous.
They are capable of helping a person in all areas of life, from livelihood, health, relationships, protection, to achieving respect, prestige and personal fulfillment.

The magical seals have been applied by mystics and occult practitioners along the ages to improve people’s lives and shift reality to a desirable direction.
The knowledge in this workbook conveys to you the spiritual – Kabbalistic implementations of the seals.

You will learn how each seal can contribute to your spiritual development and the expansion of your consciousness, to shift your inner frequency, so that it will generate positive changes in your physical reality.
You will learn how to purify yourself, tune into the energy of the seals and activate them through a unique process.
The virtues of each one of the seals is explained in detail, through the Kabbalistic approach. You will learn a proven technique by which you can activate each seal to gain its full power.
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This book is rich with theoretical and practical knowledge.
It provides you a comprehensive course about the magical King Solomon seals.
You will learn a unique and proven method of inscribing the energetic frequencies of the seals in your energy field, to be blessed by their full potential.
You will be exposed here to unique knowledge, through which you will learn important cosmic principles and proper personal conduct to make your life happier, abundant and more fulfilling.

Seal 5 parchment SmThe virtues of each one of the 44 seals are explained in depth, on two levels:
the mystical/magical/physical effect of the seal, and the spiritual transformation it generates in the person who activates it.

Book Eng Front SmThe last section of the book contains pages from which you can prepare a set of “cards” for the purpose of activation. You can also use the separate images of the seals to choose intuitively which seal will help you solve a particular problem.

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