The royal Hebrew letter that will help you maintain optimism in difficult times

Dear friends,

If you are also stunned by the intensity of the events happening around us, find it difficult to cope, feeling restlessness, sadness or pressure, it is time to activate the valuable power of the Hebrew letters, which created and govern the world.

This time we shall discuss the Hebrew letter Teth (ט) that gives us empowerment in difficult times.
The letter Teth ט is one of the royal letters in the Hebrew alphabet, thanks to the crown that adorn it.

One of the areas which the letter Teth governs in Creation is the Cyclicality in nature.
Teth also symbolizes complete and absolute goodness.
The immortality of the soul in every living thing, the eternal life.

The Law of Cyclicity - What does it mean?
Nothing is lost.
Every thought, word and deed, and every action performed in the physical and spiritual dimension are indestructible.
Everything remains registered in the system, and what is registered in the Thought of Creation, can change its form and return to our lives in a different way.

When we refer to the power of cyclicity in the letter Teth, we realize that the Creator leads everything in the world toward the point of purpose for which the world was created.
And this point is - to benefit Its creatures.

So - even if we do not understand what are the troubles that have befallen us, what is the source of the difficulty and chaos, we must acknowledge the fact that we, as individuals and as a collective, are marching towards realizing the Thought of Creation and reaching the absolute good.
This is what will strengthen us, reassure us and make us happier.

The cyclical power of the letter Teth allows a person to turn contamination into purity when he chooses to act consciously, erase his crimes, and achieve Divine goodness.
That is - to mitigate decrees and turn bad into good.
Teth Empowerment Sm 
When the situation is difficult, oppressive, and the uncertainty undermines us, it is recommended to inscribe the illumination of the letter Teth in the body and mind and ask that its empowering properties flow within us and help us withstand difficulties.

How is it done?
Through a short meditation:

Close your eyes and get into a state of relaxation.
Imagine the letter Teth standing in front of your forehead large and shining.
A great light descends from infinity, passing through the letter Teth and projecting it strongly on you.
Direct the light that passes through the letter Teth towards the head, towards the heart and towards the solar plexus.
Imagine the power of the letter Teth penetrating into the body, illuminating you from within with a healing glow.
The frequency of the letter Teth floats inside you and is assimilated into your body and mind.

Ask the Creator that the illumination of the letter Teth balances your life, helps you to purify and sanctify yourself, to bravely face difficulties, to engage in giving in order to grow spiritually, and to open the pipes of abundance.

Ask the Creator that through the power of the letter Teth, spiritual forces will be infused into the darkness of matter, and give you the power to see the good in everything, to be optimistic, to subdue selfishness, arrogance and pride, and to listen to the needs of others.

If you are under threat, danger, or are afraid of making a serious mistake, ask that the letter Teth will help you turn evil into good and cancel decrees.

Take several additional deep breaths, and allow the frequency of the letter Teth to empower you.

At the end say: Thank you, it's done, it's done, it's done.

Where can you get all this knowledge?
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