High frequency words - what does it mean?

Before we answer that question, let's talk about low frequency words.
The ones that reach us through the verbal messages that flood us in our everyday life, the words that weaken us, make us miserable, and sometimes even discourage us...

What are low frequency words?
Complaints, criticism, plagiarism, intimidation, incitement, hate speech, swearing, slander, insults, malicious gossip, abusive words, lies, threats, and more.
Notice how much "negative talk" exists around us, and how rare are the words that express love, support, and empowerment.

The words we hear and speak have enormous power:
they have the potential to destroy or build, both on a personal and the global level.

According to the Kabbalah, our every thought, speech and deed here in this world, echoes in the upper worlds, and all over Creation, creating a chain reaction.

When we utter harsh words that contain evil gossip, hatred, slander and criticism, these words rise to the upper worlds and exert indicting forces in this world.
The indicting forces - which are actually real cosmic beings, bring down harmful negative energies into our world as a reaction.

The more negative thoughts and words arise in humans, the more the negative energy will grow around us and will attract decrees and troubles to us.

The Kabbalists teach that the source of all the negativity in the world stems from those low levels of existence, from the dark side of Creation, the "external" forces, also called shells (Klipot) or the Sitra Achra, that feed on the negativity and evil in the world.
As they grow stronger and stronger, they weaken us and our ability to cope.

Speech that comes from a low frequency brings to the surface all the dark sides in us and in others, and may harm in a way that will be difficult to rectify, destroy human relations, and even cause wars.
(For the attention of politicians, media and network influencers...)

On the other hand - kind thoughts and words, support and words of praise, which originate from love, compassion and acceptance (of ourselves and of the other), strengthen and empower us.
They bring light to the world and weaken (simply starve) the forces of darkness.
These are words that raise our spiritual frequency.

If we have already acted unconsciously, and uttered harsh and destructive words, we can utilize the letter combinations Yod-Yod-Zayin (י.י.ז) of the 72 Names of God to rectify the damage caused.
Yod Yod Zayin Sm
Yod-Yod-Zayin (י.י.ז) silences the indicting forces that arise when we utter bad words, and mitigates the decrees that come upon us because of negative speech.
The wonderful frequency of Yod-Yod-Zayin (י.י.ז) will help us adhere to all that is enlightened, positive and sublime, and allow the love of the Creator to express itself through us in thought, word and deed.

Meditation with the letter combination Yod-Yod-Zayin (י.י.ז) and inscribing it in the body and mind will encourage correct use of the power of the word.
It will help you create constructive relationships and good communication with others, and know how to say the right thing in the right place.
Yod-Yod-Zayin (י.י.ז) will silence the ego, summon the light to speak through you, so that every word you utter will upraise you spiritually.

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