Forecast for 2021 - Where is our human society heading?

If we observe in depth, beyond the grand drama of the Corona crisis, the lockdowns, the political and economic upheavals, and our personal stress, we will understand that we are currently passing through a (rather dark) tunnel, on the other side of which we shall find ourselves in a new and brighter reality.

Humanity is on the verge of a new dawn;
We are now undergoing a process of preparation at the collective global level.

The "matrix" in which we live is shifting:
If until now, we were imprisoned within a system of conventions and social rules that required us to behave in a certain way, and dictated our conduct, we are now required to get out of the control of the "Big Brother" (governments, corporations, capitalists, religions and conventions), and express ourselves in the world in our own unique way, free from external constraints.
We are prompted to mature, take responsibility and regain our personal power that has been trampled on for so many generations.

Many forces influenced our human society, voices and messages that programmed us to conform in order to survive in the world, factors that caused so many of us to develop destructive reactions that are directed mainly against ourselves and against the most significant people in our lives.

What do we need to do, personally, to prepare for the new era?
To get insights about our human society for 2021, I consulted with the 72 name cards and the “Revealed by the Letters” cards.

From the 72 Names cards I drew card #20 bearing the letter combination Peh-Hey-Lamed (פ.ה.ל) from the 72 Names of God.
This letter combination helps us break our destructive habits, which have been ingrained in us for many years because our awareness has been dormant.
To release the tenacious obsessions that suck our energies, and interfere with our self-fulfillment.

We have learned to be slaves to competitiveness, to fear of scarcity, to a brutal struggle for survival in this world, and we have become addicted to desires that come from our dark sides.
We have become accustomed to being led and not lead, and anyone who has tried to develop independent and unconventional thinking has received overwhelming criticism from the environment.
We are bombarded by messages from the media that shape our thoughts and dominate our personal worldview.

The connection with the desire of our soul, our true self, has loosened.
Many of us find ourselves in a position of separation from ourselves, and from the people living around us.
As a result, we have become more detached, alienated and vulnerable.
The very act of coping with life in our world, has caused many of us to develop negative habits and addictions, despair and loss of control.

Towards the new era, we need to break the destructive patterns and get free from the prison we have put ourselves into.
Do not be afraid to be original, authentic, unique, and follow your heart and soul.
Everyone has a place on earth for all its shortcomings and virtues.
2021 forecast Eng Sm
Another message I received came from the Hebrew letters - the letter Gimel (ג).
One aspect of the letter Gimel is a return to childhood, naivety, honesty and sincerity, joy of life, freedom from worries, and vibrant energy.
The letter Gimel represents charitable giving, self-discovery, personal redemption and liberation from limiting frameworks.

If so far, we were dependent on factors that have controlled our lives, educated, supported, budgeted, and dictated the way for us, it is time to unburden ourselves from the "parental" authority (rulership, conventions) we were used to living in its shadow, and embark to life on our own.
To wean ourselves of dependence through inner empowerment and personal growth.

One of the things we will need to re-learn is a personal contribution to society, and the renewal of mutual trust between us.
To be generous, honest, sincere and innocent as we were at age 3.

It’s time to discharge the bitterness, cynicism and suspicion, and look at the world through the eyes of a small child who learns everything from scratch.
To feel oneness with creation and with our friends on the journey, to give happily and support each other.

The new energies descending on the world encourage us to get rid of everything that limits and blocks us, to empower, to take responsibility for our lives and to set out on an independent path as individuals and as a society.

These are the messages I received, and I hope they will open up new insights for you and encourage you towards the new year.

The 72 Names cards are based on the sacred “72 Names of God”:
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Revealed by the Letters cards are based on the secrets of the Hebrew letters.
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