Discrete conduct that will help you get what you want

This message is dedicated to anyone who is controlled by external circumstances or controlled by relationship of authority and yearns to break the restrictions and fulfill his desires despite the restraining conditions.
Whom do I mean?
Almost all of us.

You surely know people who claim that they live according to their own dictates, according to their inner truth, and are never influenced by any other person or factor.
However, if you look closely at the circumstances of their life, you will soon discover that any person living with a partner or a family, concerned about his livelihood, must obey certain dictates and cannot do whatever he likes without hurting others (or himself) along the way.

Many people tend to rebel against authority, commitment or demands, try to get rid of dictates imposed on them and act openly and without fear.
The issue is complex and possible only for a few of us ...

and therefore, it is recommended to get some inspiration from the Hebrew letter Mem (מ):
Mem Sm
What does the Hebrew letter "Mem" has to do here?
Mem (מ) is like the water - a wise and deep letter, that will teach you how to flow with the circumstances, and at the same time - to achieve what you seek.

Still water run deep - they can flow along a path, and also dig new streams.
They do their work in the sky and in the depths of the earth.
They connect and merge, bond different factors together, connect between the spiritual and the physical realms, control emotions, creativity and renewal, teach us to be flexible and adapt, to give without reckoning, and to devote ourselves (to the point of canceling the self under certain circumstances).

The letter "Mem" indicates the occultism and the leadership of the Creator, which transcends man's understanding.
Water – which carry the energy of Mem, are fluid, adapt to the shape of the vessel they are in, but at the same time they can split rocks and mountains.
The letter "Mem" belongs to the water element and the water signs (Cancer, Scorpion, Pisces), and through it, water was created, coldness and frost.
It affects planet Saturn.
In the Kabbalistic Ten Sefirot system, it leads between Sefirat Netzach (eternity) and Sefirat Hod (Splendour).

You will surely be interested to know that the "hanging man" card in the tarot is also associated with the letter "Mem" - and indicates total sacrifice of the self in order to achieve a supreme goal.

What message does the letter Mem convey to you this time?
Coin No. 39 of Revealed by the Letters cards refers to the Hebrew letter "Mem" and talks about swimming with the current.
card 39 on set Eng Sm

In order to achieve what you want and fulfill your aspirations in a certain area,
- Restrain your personal desires (do not shout them out), exercise self-control, temperance and discretion.
- Respect the person who is in charge of you or supervises your actions.
- Act diligently, humbly, exercise endurance and to meet your commitments.
- Accept the current situation for the time being without rebelling, especially dictates from above, do not oppose circumstances that were imposed on you.
- Be effective – do not to waste unnecessary energy on futile arguments, conflicts and quarrels, and focus on what really matters.

And with all this seemingly "submissive" conduct - how do you get where you want after all?

- Discreetly ... in a quiet and thorough pursuit of the goal, even if it has to be carried out under the surface.
- Do not expose your moves so as not to provoke objections along the way.
Remember: Still water run deep!

The Tokens of Light:
What can the Hebrew letters tell you about the course of your life?

According to the Kabbalah, the Hebrew letters are 22 channels through which the power of the Creator is carried out in the physical dimension.
Each letter is like a "key" that links to Universal energy. Each letter and its unique pronunciation indicates a special spiritual power that is cast in it.
Each letter represents a unique energy path that is expressed in the material world, and therefore - in your personal life.

Cosmic energy is streaming to the individual person through 22 channels and their endless combinations, and affects the course of their life and spiritual journey.

Because the process of creation is continuous, energy shifts are occurring in our environment, and our personal lives all the time.
Different frequencies change and influence moods, thoughts, desires, impulses and behaviors.

If we assume that every situation in our lives reflects a certain energetic frequency, and that all energetic frequencies originate from the 22 Hebrew letters, we can diagnose any condition, advise and predict the future using the language of the letters.

The "Tokens of Light" -
66 paths for insights and prediction according to the Hebrew Alphabet:
Set Eng 223
The "Tokens of Light" cards provide you with answers to fundamental questions in your life, reveal the forces that influence you at a given time, and give advice and forecasting for future developments.
This set of 66 coin-shaped cards provides reliable answers to your substantial questions in the Kabbalistic way.

The 66 "Tokens" will help you understand the factors that control your life at any given moment, give practical advice and predict future developments.
The Tokens of Light are reliable and accurate, simple and easy to use for everyone:
there is no need for complicated spreads to get clear answers to your questions, you do not have to be a professional card reader, and no previous knowledge in Kabbalah is required.

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