What does it mean when a card comes out inverted in a reading?

Like the Tarot, the King Solomon Cards can be read upside-down (inverted) to maximize the potential of the set.
This way, 36 cards will provide you with 72 answers.

While shuffling the cards, we turn some of them so their heads will point downwards, alternately, on and off.
As a result - when we draw a card from the deck after shuffling, a certain card may come out head down, and its interpretation is different (in most cases contrary) to the meaning of the same card when it comes out head up.

Here is an example of card No. 7 of the King Solomon Cards:
Card 7 inverted Eng Sm
In its straight position, the card represents fertility, family closeness, joy and kinship, happiness derived from warm family connections and expanding the family.

In its inverted position, the card represents the opposite: postponing marriage plans, loneliness, and wrong timing for attempts to expand the family.

The meaning of the upside-down position for each card is written in the booklet in a separate paragraph.

As said before - the cards do not determine destinies, they only indicate a potential for future developments, but we have the right to change circumstances to our advantage, and especially be prepared mentally for what is about to to come. This way, we can avoid unnecessary suffering.

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For many professional card readers, or people who read cards for just for themselves, the whole issue of card reading may be a mystery …
How, by drawing a “random” card from the deck, can you reach to the relevant answer you need?
This video explains the process of drawing a card from the deck and what actually happens between you and the cards during a reading session.
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The King Solomon Cards
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The Collectors' edition set contains a set of 36 cards + 9 bonus pocket-size amulets wrapped in a fancy cloth bag, and a detailed interpretation booklet.
The inside of the box is personally signed by artist Orna Ben-Shoshan, co-creator of the cards.
The cards can be read upright and inverted, thus - each card gives 2 answers - Total of 72 answers.
The cards provide concrete answers to your questions and concerns in all aspects of life, including analysis, advice for action and character analysis.
For more information about King Solomon Cards:
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