Do you also suffer a “chronic condition”?...

Many of you have already received the full list of the “72 Names of God” with their meanings for meditation and transformation.

Here is a question asked by many people who wish to attain spiritual growth with the sacred names:
I have a problem which arises over and over again in my life, and I do not know why. How should I choose a letter combination that will help me solve it?

In many cases, when we encounter a recurring challenge in our lives, we should understand that there is a deeper reason for the ongoing difficulty we face.
Usually, it is related to thought patterns and attitudes that we developed in the early stages of life, or even in a past lifetimes.
Particular thought pattern can be recognized by our ego as the pure truth, as a principle about a certain issue in our lives, that runs everything that happen to us and dictates our behavior. This cause us to experience a recurrent pattern, a problem that appears over and over again.
(For example - an inability to maintain relationships for long periods, or even a chronic diseases).

How would you know what letter combination may suits you most at any given moment?

To transform a “problematic” issue that we are unaware of its source, we allow our subconscious to choose a certain letter combination that identifies the source of the problem. This sacred name is also the means to solve it and create a new reality.

Let’s make an intuitive choice of “remedy” that does not involve our judgment.

For this purpose, we can use the “72 Names Cards”:
HandWithCard Tavla Eng Sm
Shuffle the cards while focusing on the question: "What is the letter combination do I need at this moment to repair / heal / change this topic of my life?"
Draw one card from the deck (try to do so with eyes closed).
The energetic vibration created between you and the cards will attract to you the correct card that contains the right letter combination you need most at this moment.

Trust your intuition

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