Controlling anger, and keeping your environment purified:
Message for the new year from the 72 names of God:

For the opening of the new Jewish year, I asked the 72 Names cards what we need most to start this year on the right foot ...
What will make the new year better and more blessed?

The answer came from two cards - card No. 56 (the letter combination of the letters Peh-Vav-Yod (פ.ו.י), and card No. 8 and the letter combination Caf-Hey-Tav (כ.ה.ת).
Both letter combinations are part of the sacred “72 Names of God”.
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It seems that the universe does want us to prepare for the new era into which we are entering now in calmness and positive energetic state.

The letter combination Peh-Vav-Yod (פ.ו.י) speaks of controlling anger.

How relevant it is to this period, when we have so much to be angry about ...
Many things are collapsing around us, we are subject to restrictions and prohibitions, worry about the future, we are thrown out of our comfort zone, hate this or that leader, we criticize the circumstances, and the massive crisis we experience nationally and personally may raise feelings of anger and frustration.

Anger is harmful energy:
According to Kabbalah, when we are angry, we disconnect from the light of the Creator.
We are in a state of unconsciousness, and all our thoughts are contorted.

Anger feeds the shells, which are the negative dark forces in the world.
It thickens the screens around us and prevents light from penetrating our lives.
It cuts off abundance, squeezes out our energies, and causes us to act blindly and make mistakes.

Therefore - especially during this period, we should do our best to control anger.

Me must understand that behind all the chaos that has taken over us, there is a clear Divine plan that will lead us to a much better reality.
Giving up pride and realizing that what our expectations and opinions are not necessarily what the Creator intended for us, that we actually do not know much ...

When we meditate with the letter combination Peh-Vav-Yod (פ.ו.י) from the “72 Names of God” and inscribe it in our body, mind and spirit, it helps us control our anger.

The second letter combination Caf-Hey-Tav (כ.ה.ת ) helps us eliminate negative energies from our environment.
Given the situation, we may find ourselves in a polluted energetic atmosphere, which is a by-product of what people around us feel, think or intend to do.
The Corona virus itself, and the fear it generates, also contribute to the harsh energies around us that can penetrate through the aura into the body, and throw us off balance. Polluted energies cause tension, infecting us with anger, fears, illness, hardships, aggression and grief which the Kabbalah defines as “decrees”.
We may inflict illness upon ourselves just by being immersed in the fear that has taken over our environment.

Therefore - it is very important to maintain a pure energetic atmosphere free from darkness.

Stay away from people and places that radiate negativity, from external factors that cause you stress, depression, fear, worry, frustration, and push you to aggression.
A clean energetic environment is essential for your balance, especially in this period of intense change and instability.

I wish us all a Happy New Year in all respects, during which we shall see the light.

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