What's all this hard work for?
What is behind the rectification of the soul?

You all must have come across the concept of spiritual "amendment", “rectification” or “tikkun” in Kabbalah studies.

Many spiritual educators are teaching how to correct different aspects in your life, to be more conscious, to get rid of negative attitudes like anger, fear, jealousy, and hatred, to develop a wider perspective and positive attitude.

Have you ever thought about what you will get out of this hard work on your personal refinement?
What is behind the rectification of the soul ?

Well - the essence of the rectification is, to bring as much light into the darkness and to prepare our vessels for absorbing Divine light.
The One who created us did so in order to benefit us.
It sheds its light on us from infinity, a pure vibrant light that surrounds us all the time.
This source of light never stops, it is infinite abundance.

What would it be like if we could absorb all this light all the time, without limitation?
We would have been absolutely happy, carefree, surrounded by love, rich and satisfied.

But unfortunately - this is not the case ...
תיקון אישיEng Sm
Between us and the light of infinity there are many partitions, many screens that hide the light from us or only partially transfer it.
We are only able to absorb this infinite abundance according to capacity of our vessel (Kli) - and nothing beyond it.
In order to absorb more light into our lives, we need to dissolve these screens.
We must remove the barriers and shells that have accumulated over the years (and incarnations) between the body/mind and the soul - which is our true and genuine essence.

Our personal rectification takes place in the lowest levels of our beings, the parts that are most bounded by material life.
Where all the sensations, impulses, urges of survival, emotions, ego and thoughts reside.
When we focus only on the lower levels of the mind/body, the more we are immersed in matter, the viels that hide the light from us become thicker and more solid, until we lose contact with the soul - our high self, and the upper realms.
Losing the links with the soul makes us walk in the dark, without purpose and direction.
When we deal only with matter, negativity, evil, and impurity, we feed the shells of shadow (the dark forces of the universe).
Every negative trait that a human is bound to, contributes to the intensification of the powers of impurity.

Our personal rectification as individuals, connects us back to our root – the soul, which directs us to fulfilling our purpose in this life.
The result of rectification is the elevation of our energetic vibrations and the connection to the higher levels of awareness and divine light.

The spiritual rectification is a process of recollection, a never-ending process that lasts throughout life.

Another important advantage of spiritual amendment:
Any person who rectifies himself and does personal spiritual work, contributes to the whole.
The stronger and purer light he radiates around him raises the vibrational energy of those around him.
When human society has a large number of people who transcend spiritually, the vibrational frequency of mankind rises.
This way, it is more “absorbent” to the infinite light, and there is more kindness, sharing, compassion, happiness and abundance to all.
There are less wars, less struggles, less corruption, more justice, and more resources are directed to fulfilling the personal purpose of each individual in human society.

One of the ways to conduct spiritual rectification and break the screens that block us from Divine light, can be done by working with the “72 names of God”, through meditation, visualization, and assimilation of the letter combinations in body and mind.

tavla 72namesWithNumbers Sm
The full list of the "72 Names of God" and their meanings
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