When the little demon inside awakens ...
Message for the week by the 72 names cards:

Do you ever find yourself in a place that feels scary or intimidating, or stumble upon someone you do not particularly like, and suddenly, lose your balance? The switch is lifted, and you are flooded with feelings of anxiety, panic, worry and uncertainty?
Negative impacts from our surroundings might awaken the little demon who sits dormant in the home of the ego. Typically, this devil is under control: We learn to overcome internal nervousness, fear and anxiety, and do not let these negative energies interfere with our daily lives.
But for many of us, a brief encounter with a reservoir of negative energies is enough to trigger restlessness, to undermine inner peace, evoke feelings of hostility, pessimism, envy, and even a tendency to destructive behaviors.

Our personal growth process is a continuous dance around our center, our core, which is the pillar of stability and inner peace. As we get closer to this center, we are closer to ourselves, and feel more balanced and serene.
Strong winds are often blowing around us, and try to push us away from this safe inner home. This dance of estrangement andconvergencefrom the inner core, and developing the ability to find our way back to the place of essential power every time, is one of the most important challenges we face throughout our lives.

So what you do when the demon wakes up?

First of all, do not believe it and all the fairytales it tells you about yourself and about life ... Once you deny the its validity, you weaken it and stop it from controlling your thoughts. During periods of negativity charged tornadoes, you should recruit your faith that the universe is on your side, and you are protected and guided along the path. Focus on your strong traits, be creative in the areas of your specialty, and do things that will bring pleasure and empower you.

As soon as you get back into your steady core, the peace and serenity will be restored.
card 4 Sm
** This mssage was given by card No. 4 of the “72 Names cards” which refers to the letter combination Ayin-Lamed-Mem (ע.ל.מ) from the 72 Names of God.
Meditating with ע.ל.מ will help you eliminate harsh energies and quiet the negative and obsessional thoughts resulting in the ego.

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