Annual personal forecast for 2017
An alternative horoscope based on Kabbalistic numerology

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This alternative annual forecast refers to your life path number according to numerology, unlike regular forecasts that relate to your astrological signs.

Your Life Path number is the most important number in your numerology chart and is derived from your date of birth. It reveals your most fulfilling direction and the major lessons you are here to learn during this lifetime.

 Three powerful divination tools participated in writing your annual forecast:
The 72 Names cards, the Tokens of Light and-the Alphabet for Lovers cards.
The combination of these three types of cards will allow you to get a comprehensive knowledge about important areas of your life.
The paragraph written for every life path number is coded in 3 colors to indicate the source from which the information was derived.

How Is Your Life Path number calculated?

Your life path number is calculated by adding up all the digits in your birth date.

For example:
A person who was born on 10/12/1973 (December 10th, 1973)
The life path number will be: 1+0+1+2+1+9+7+3 = 24
With all the above calculations, we keep adding until we end up with a single digit
Add the result number: 2+4 = 6

Do you have a master number ?

When the final result is 11, 22, or 33, we do not add up to a single digit. These are known as “Mater numbers” in numerology.
If your final result is 11, 22 or 33 – leave it as is.

For example:
A person who was born on October 29th, 1956:
Adding up the digits in the birthdate will be:
1+0+2+9+1+9+5+6 = 33 – a master number. Do not reduce it to 6 .
This document provides annual forecast to the master numbers as well.

Read your forecast, and take time to think and reflect.
Over the upcoming year, you will have many opportunities to leave your confined corner, go out to the stage of events and express your professional skills for livelihood and personal advancement. Success is expected to anyone whose occupation clearly reflects their personality, and their skills at manual labor. Your ambition and organizational skill will help you integrate into the labor market, create new things and reap fruitful harvests. You should take advantage of the terrain to adopt a practical and realistic approach and long-term planning. Get be involved in teamwork with a group or organization, and develop good relationships with key people.
Your success will come thanks to your consistent effort and toil. Do not expect quick results, and do not hang too many hopes on other people or things are still up in the air. Things will not always go according to your expectations, and there will be instances where you will be disappointed because of delays. Remember that every disappointment teaches you an important spiritual lesson. Failures or delays will be to your benefit, and their mission is to find out the wheat from the chaff, and make sure that you get only what serves your highest good. Success will come in due time, but for now - you will have to be satisfied with what you already attained and not hang your happiness in things that have not yet occurred.
In your relationships, you can expect positive closure of a cycle, forgiveness, reconciliation, or return after a long separation that will bring you new insights into past events. You will be able look back with satisfaction and realize that you accomplished something significant with yourself and those closest to you. If you have experienced loss or harm, the grieving process will be completed and you will return to the initial state of innocence and enthusiasm.
For singles - after a period of anguish and frustration, the door will open up to you for a new affair. The new character that will enter your life may not impress you at first, but give it a chance, because as you will get to know them more deeply, you will be able to truly appreciate them.

You are beginning a new cycle of growth, and feel the urge to create, produce and expand the circle of life. You will acquire great skill and personal empowerment through a creative process that would consume your whole being, and will need to implement dedication and sacrifice without keeping score. The new evolution may touch every area of ​​your life, professional, social, family or romantic. You might need to push aside your personal needs and to abstain from pleasures in favor of the people important to you, or to achieve goals related to creating something new. This year you will be engaged in the material aspect of life, in the tangible things, streamlining and giving. You will need to apply greater flexibility to avoid confrontations, and make sure you do not neglect or lose yourself along the way.
You may look back with nostalgia to the easier times in your life, and will find it difficult to appreciate the challenging process you are about to experience through this year, or all the good things you were blessed with. If you look soberly at the troubles of others, you will gain perspective and realize how lucky you really are. Be grateful for everything that exists in your life now, take advantage of all the resources available to you, and know that the channel of Divine abundance feeds you at any moment. The key word is humbleness.
In the relationship, you might need to face this year with outsiders envious of you or want to take themselves one of the spouses, threaten your relationship, find out excessive interest, intervene and try to find vulnerabilities.
In your relationship, you might have to cope with envious outsiders who might want your spouse to themselves, threaten your relationship, show excessive interest, intervene and try to find vulnerabilities. tensions with your spouse may arise because of superficial, materialistic or narrow vision. There may be petty reckonings, manipulation, selfish behavior and lack of mutual support, suspicion or seclusion because of suppressed anger and resentment toward a spouse who does not appreciate or honor you. The choice will be in your hands – would you decide to maintain the relationship despite all the pain, and be able to express pure loving feelings towards your partner, or be influenced by the "evil eye" and be exposed to destructive energies.
To the singles among you - there may be obstructions in obtaining a partner that you want dearly, or lack of courage to start a new relationship because of painful episodes from the past. Beware of jealousy, bitterness and criticism that might shut the flow of abundance on you. Observe the circumstances in a broader perspective and ascend beyond your personal suffering.

This year, you will feel a strong urge to take a bite out of life and derive pleasure from the assets at your disposal. Your vibrant young soul will ignite a burning motivation in you to go after thrills and satisfactions, knowledge, new achievements in career, personal and social life. You will be able to attain material prosperity through investment of energy and enthusiasm, break through and fulfill your goals. Go after your desires but watch out for hasty gluttony, do not break the rules for fear of hurting someone along the way.
You want to attain many things, but you must carefully examine your aspirations and wishes and make sure they are also set for the benefit of others or aimed for a noble cause. Be generous to others, both materially and spiritually, and through charitable giving you will connect with the channel of abundance and create a free flow of wonderful things into your life. You are in a period of good luck. The universe directs your journey and helps you make the right decisions. This year you will realize your dreams, experience changes for the better, good livelihood, success and abundance.
In your relationships – this year will enrich you with new spiritual substance: you will be able to focus on the positive aspects, notice the beautiful and noble characteristics in your spouse, and also - identify with them and understand their hardships. Together you will face common challenges and the bondage between you will be strengthened through devotion, exaltation and mutual concessions. The relationship will be filled with laughter and humor after periods of difficulty and dilemmas.
To the singles among you - if you rise above your personal concerns, and manage to support the people around you, luck will stand on your side. Emphasize your feminine features and be sure your appearance is always pleasant, and you'd attract a lot of admiring looks and also - the person who will become your partner. Despite of your great strength, do not be afraid to show your weakness or vulnerability.

This year, you will deal with the tight frameworks you created around you in the family or social circles. You get a lot of support from devoted people, who are backing you and provide you with security – but this protection may turn out to be limiting and blocking, and might weaken your resistance and slow your individual progress. Beware of talking about your personal issues in too much detail, and to avoid complications, do not get involved in intrigues or jealousy in this closed circle. In your career, put emphasis on constructive engagement and cross-fertilization with collogues and collaborate with the strongest key people that will loyally promote your goals.
Controlling your ego will be one of your most important tasks this year: stubbornness and entrenching in your positions out of desire to prove your superiority, might blind your eyes and block your way to opportunities of advancement and growth. Do not disqualify the ideas of others and do not try to obstruct them. Once you'll give up the belligerent attitude, you will feel more relaxed and be filled with positive energies. You will be surprised by gestures of good will, improvement in social life, favors, inheritances or awards for your valued work.
In your relationships, you will also be required to handle the urge of militancy wisely: there may be control struggles or quarrels initiated by the desire of a partner to prove his superiority and power. You may encounter verbal attacks and criticism, but do not get into unnecessary battles: Help your partner express his explosive strength and turn it to positive directions. Use your brain, not your emotion, and give your partner the feeling that he is the leader, the director, and the king who controls his house. If your partner may retreat into his private corner, become withdrawn and distant, behave like a single and make his own decisions without involving you, know that he is trying to protect his spiritual uniqueness and do not attack him.
For singles - the person that you are interested in, is looking for constant thrills. If everything will be given to him easily, it might lose its value to him. You should challenge him constantly so his attraction to you will increase, but do not stretch the rope too much so he does not lose interest.

This year you will carry out your aspirations in the financial field, move forward and rake in profits. Projects, plans and ideas will be realized successfully. Fundraising, investments, great work that was wisely done - all these demonstrate that you paved your way courageously and energetically and did not surrender to difficulties along the way. Money that you deserve thanks to your efforts is paid, and accounts are settled. However – you should act wisely: beware of the urge to make easy profits at the expense of others or bend the rules to your advantage. To maintain your financial success, you should act discreetly and not to boast about your achievements so you will not be attacked by the envy of others.
Consistency will dissolve any resistance. If you might encounter delays, objections and obstacles along the way, do not get bogged down in doubts, fears or laziness and do not postpone important tasks. Keep the momentum and do not be afraid to take risks, especially if your venture is aimed benefit others, not only yourself. Along the road you will learn new approaches and methods that will strengthen your enthusiasm and creativity.
Regarding your relationships, romantic, social, professional or family - you'll have to conduct constructive communication and watch your mouth. In many cases, unnecessary chatter is spilled to cover up bad situations, or needless words are said about failures or painful events from the past. Know when to provide encouragement, comfort and support, and when to shut up and save words so you don’t rub salt on open wounds. You must act wisely especially if a partner has better verbal skills, is more influential and persuasive, and can promote himself, his needs and desires with the correct use of words.
For singles: It is important to behave maturely in new connections: not to reveal too many details before their time, and watch your words and intonation. Good chance to connect with an interesting person that will fertilize the desolation you had been at, and empower your self-expression, or be attracted to someone who speaks a foreign language. Such relationship is likely to develop into residence abroad.

Your love to the physical world, to beauty and harmony, the welfare of the family and the pleasures of life will push you towards achieving your aspirations. Your success will come thanks to intelligent, alert and sober observation of your surroundings and your ability to identify the opportunities that come to you. This year you may feel an urgent need to improve your social status and economic foundation. To accomplish this, you will have to take a realistic and analytical approach, read the map correctly, and act practically and consistently. Go for it all the way without submitting to the dictates or control of others. There is no need to be jealous of other people who have already reached success, but simply to study their practices and follow them. Beware of the tendency to be reckless and merciless when you come across blockages.
Together with your intense activity to promote your material issues in life, there may be situations where you will feel anxiety because of certain environments, events or individuals that seem threatening to you. Worry and uncertainty about your chances to succeed may cause you to become agitated and hostile. Beware of obsessive thoughts that might lead you to self-destruction. You must focus on your strengths and be creative in your own special field. Find your inner strength, and if you don’t give power to pessimistic thoughts, will vanish by themselves.
In your relationships - new and surprising insights shall lead to positive changes and pleasant mutual gestures between you and your partner. A little but important advice given by a wise person will help you solve a problem on which you have already given up. A change of a small but significant factor in the way you treat your partner, or a specific behavioral pattern, shall bring about a big change. The minor events are the most important ones because they contain an entire world. Do not be afraid to make a small step towards a big change. Focus on the present moment.
For the singles among you - A period of isolation is ending, time to act! Therefore, get out, enrich social life and make contact with the person you are interested in. One smile, one quick eye contact at the right time, a click on the keyboard, one smart sentence, or a first encounter in a new social circle will open a new world of possibilities.

This year, you will focus on activities that contribute to society, charity, and manifestations of kindness. In the circumstances that will arise, you will have to act with reliability, honesty and skillfully, and transcend yourself to achieve your aspirations. Selfish attitude and striving for success for yourself only, will not work for you anymore. Encouragement and support for the efforts of others and the ability to share material or spiritual assets modestly, shall fill you with satisfaction. Do not look for fame and publicity for your efforts and put your ego aside. Everything you give to others will bring repeated success in the long term. Beware of the tendency to judge yourself or others for lack of perfection.
Your plans will materialize when spiritual blockages are removed and the ground is ready for manifestation. Your vessel (Kli), which is the spiritual channel for the flow of abundance, is strengthening, and you can accelerate the process by increasing your creativity. When we are productive and creative on the spiritual level, it is also reflected in the material level. This year you may encounter issues related to fertility and puberty: adolescence problems in the family, menopausal complications, or worry about an expected birth. Keep up your optimism because these problems will be resolve themselves. Physical, mental or spiritual fertility reminds us that we were created in the image of God, and we have the same divine ability to create, reproduce and fertilize. Our body is a vessel in which the divine creative power is expressed in the physical realm.
In your relationships (or close friendships), you will have to deal with issues of loyalty and sacrifice (and even excessive sacrifice and giving up of the self). In many solid partnerships, one party is always happy to give more, put aside their selfish desires and make sacrifices for the sake of the partner or family. Absolute identification with the needs of the spouse in order to preserve the integrity of the framework, may deteriorate to the point of excessive giving and losing the self, and over time it may lead to frustration and anger. Keep it in mind: one-sided giving without the ability to receive, stops the natural flow of abundance. There is no need to make a human sacrifice or become a protective parent of your partner. Express your needs without fear of rejection, know when to ask for help, and support your partner without causing yourself a heartbreak.
For singles - You may be willing to sacrifice career and personal fulfillment to achieve a stable relationship with the person you want. The desire to assimilate completely with another person is a wonderful thing, but make sure you nourish your own soul properly to preserve your strength. If you take responsibility for your life without attempts to escape from it, you will progress towards a stable and extended relationship based on mutual support and grace.

This year, your focus will be on long-term plans, strengthening your emotional base, stabilizing your financial foundation, and cultivating a sense of security and resilience. There is a need to think of the future and to commemorate the past in order to pass the family heritage to future generations. Engage in solid purchases and quality investments that will bear fruit over the years, and take part in social or political events that will remain registered history. You may feel an urge to engage in creative writing, documentation, sketching a family tree, organizing family photos and anything you can leave behind you that will enrich your loved ones in years to come. Efforts will be invested in your existing framework through loyalty and commitment, and thus you will place the building blocks to a strong family base.
This year you will attain personal growth and inner salvation, however it may not come easily, but through difficulties over which you will have to ascend. You may experience irritability and severe self-criticism that may generate friction and tensions with the people closest to you, and push you to think of disengagement. Friendship with oneself, and non-judgmental self-acceptance will be the key to reconciliation and creating a deeper match with your partners in life. Happy closeness is a self-reinforcing process: Harmonious relationships with your loved ones will strengthen you internally and help you cope with life challenges. The joy and peace of mind that follows, help to release internal tensions, and this way, you can redeem yourself from self-criticism and internal conflict.
Regarding your relationships - you'll have to invest a lot of energy this year to improve your partnership and even get external advice. It is possible that your relationship continues to exist out of fear of being alone, or out of concern about the welfare of your children or economic considerations. Marital intimacy may be abandoned in favor of career and financial consolidation. Do not get into a state of emotional falloff and indifference, and restrain your pride and hostility. Know your limits, and learn to forgive your partner. This requires awareness, diligence, and adoption of original ideas to resolve conflicts and quarrels.
To the singles among you – protect yourselves! You may develop a relationship with a person who behaves as if they love you honestly – but in fact - their intentions are egotistic. A possessive individual, who suffers emotional restraint. You should get to know this person deeper before you open your feelings to them.

This year will mark end to challenging times, circles will be closed, continuous projects completed, and the ground will be ready for new beginnings. Now you can look back on what has already been achieved and gain deeper insight into the essence and purpose of all the difficulties you went through. You will gain recognition and respect for your efforts, reward and reinforcement. What may block your way in the near future is a reluctance to part with the past, reminiscing on memories and a tendency to stay stuck in place instead of moving yourself forward into a new period in your life, which will be successful and enriching. Pave your way with wisdom and moderation and believe in the goodness that will be revealed to you down the road. Do not sink down into sentiments, otherwise, you will not be able see the path clearly.
When certain periods come to an end, and circuits are completed, the screen goes down and temporary darkness falls on the stage, you may feel emptiness and grope your way in the dark. You may be engaged in a frantic search after a point of light, or anything that will cure the pain over the things that are gone forever. Depression, fear of the future, gloominess and pessimism may disconnect you from the flow of life and interrupt you from moving on. You will need to stop the exploration, relax, listen to the guidance your soul trying to convey to you, and trust in the higher forces that work in your favor. You are not alone in the world, and your power is greater than you think. You must act confidently and maturely and take responsibility for your life.
In your relationships, you must be aware of the big picture and not get into pettiness and nonsense. Large turbulences may occur over trivial details, a word spoken out of place can cause earthquakes, rigidity, narrow world view, resentment, cynicism and bitterness might attack you. You should act magnanimously, give up the criticism and ignore the annoying little things even if you find them critical. Do not put your spouse under a magnifying glass and try to see their positive sided.
For the singles among you - One possible reason that you have failed to establish a quality relationship so far, is, that you see the other person as a collection of small details and give excessive importance to every minor fault or accidental mistake they made. Good chances to find a future mate in a quick and random encounter without any planning or effort on your part.

This year, you will rise above yourself and venture into new growth cycles concerning sanctity, the supernatural, the sublime and the mystical aspects of life. Your intense emotions and devotion will drive you to help, provide, support, sacrifice, and bridge between opposing forces, to get close to people and empathize with their suffering. You will have to deal with the important issue of boundaries: Many people sense your tremendous need for giving, will ask for your help, and even stick to you and suck your energies. You must beware of the urge to cancel yourself to others or do too much for them and take on their suffering. Do not neglect or forget yourself because of over-identification with other people’s misery, otherwise you may lose control over your own life and become victim yourself.
During the most pressing times, we must remember that there is a personal plan for us to be fulfilled in the material world, and that we get everything we need at any given moment for our spiritual growth. Enormous efforts and strains at home or at work, complex situations that draw all your energies, might drive you to the limit, to the point of losing control, make you guilty that you cannot solve your own problems, and raise doubts about your ability to influence your own reality. There is no need to feel embarrassed about a temporary loss of control, because you did what you were supposed to do to cope with the challenging situations. Keep up your faith despite the difficulties and limitations. Throughout the year, you will recover and empower, and will get a clear evidence that major forces work in your favor.
Regarding your romantic and social affairs, you will have to peel all the masks and camouflage nets and clarify for yourself what you do in your existing relationship, and why. Your partner's behavior may cover on motives and interests that you are not aware of, and it is possible that you will reveal a complete system of smokescreens, pretense, or situations where the spouse acts with egotism and aggression and tries to convince you that they are doing everything in your favor. The relationship may exhaust you because of the complexity of the spouse, or because of your effort to prove to outsiders that everything is OK. Find your courage and look at the internal essence of the relationship, the true one beyond the shells.
For singles - you may find yourself in a relationship where you feel lonely, or in a one-sided connection with a person who is less interested in you than you are in them. Do not deny your intuition, and clarify for yourself if you act only out of fear of being alone.

This year you will learn the importance of leaving the past behind, and implement your practical skills and resilience. You might have to deal with weakening factors, such as doubts and worries, or repressed pain and grief over loss that floats up to the surface. Hypersensitivity to the words of others and taking things too personally, can inflict internal conflicts and shudders on you. To function effectively in these situations, you will have to to clear out everything that is irrelevant and disturbs your present reality. The key to your success is balancing between the mental and spiritual assets at your disposal and expressing your inner strength. Do not invest precious energy over things that are no longer working for you, and follow your karma.
In the following period, you will have a chance to purify the harsh energies around you and get rid of accumulated energetic trash. If your life was dominated so far by unresolved debts from the past, conflicts with close people that originated from dishonesty or disloyalty and created shadows that disturb your life, this year you will have the courage to make the first step to break the negative processes. Clean the table, throw old grudge to the garbage, do not be afraid to release harmful people from your life. Spending funds to cover old debts will make room for new and larger assets to enter your life, and a conscious effort to compensate a person you have hurt, will remove the sediment and hostility. New opportunities will open, and you will start things anew from a safe and purified space.
Regarding your relationships -  you might be drawn into temporary exhaustion because of the struggles of life. Economic hardships and grinding may cause the intimacy to weaken. Loss of sensitivity between partners and emotional hunger and deprivation may give you excuses to start quarrels. You may also deny your basic need for warmth, sexuality and protection because of pride. Beware of power struggles that stem from emotional poverty, and give up your stubbornness. Allow yourself to be weak and the needy, ask your partner for help instead of attacking them. Give them a chance to discover the joy of giving, and thus, you will help them feel magnanimous and strong. Your weakness is a demonstration of inner strength!
For the singles among you - good chances to meet a person who feels as strong and proud just like you. A new connection, full of love and passion may develop, and to get there, you'll have to expose your neediness to the potential partner. What you really need are warmth and closeness.

It is time to begin realizing something you've dreamed of for a long time. This year shall bring new opportunities in areas which you have not yet touched, advanced ideas and ventures, spiritual and physical regeneration, and primal steps in a new life cycles. Enthusiasm and faith in your new path will enable you to take risks, break conventions and frameworks, and leap forward into the unknown with courage and a sense of purpose. You must practice independent thinking and listen to your intuition. Do not do anything contrary to your inner truth. Obey your code of conscious and do not underestimate the people who supported you so far.
This year you will seek road signs that will help you observe the reality of your life in new clear light. You may have to cope with confusing and misleading factors that attempt to hide the whole picture from you, and these can even be close people who counsel you, or irrelevant perception of reality. Check beneath the surface, keep an open mind and distinguish between right and false, so you can determine your future conduct. Hints and clues will pop up along your way: do not ignore an apparently casual conversation, which can provide you with important clues, open your eyes and remove illusions. When your personal vision is clear and sharp, your judgment will be at its best, and the new decisions you make will lead to success.
In your relationships, you will have many conversations about love and everything that concerns your mutual life. The real foundation of your relationship is based on good communication, admiration for your spouse, and the primal decision you made that this relationship will succeed despite of the fact that you did not fall in love at the beginning. If you linked together because of common interests, but still bothered by the absence of love, it can cause a lot of verbal wrangling, conflicts and quarrels. Take advantage of the good communication between you and make the best out of this relationship. Do less talking, and cultivate a romantic atmosphere. Do not force certain behaviors on yourself just to meet expectations.
For singles - just because the person that you want seems easy to get, you may delude yourself that it will develop into a great love story. It is possible that you are drawn to the charm, competence, charisma, or his charming courting methods and ability to talk about love. However - keep your eyes open and do not let him get into your heart with words alone.

Have a wonderful year!

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