Our internal energy plunder -
and how we can control it with the Kabbalistic 72 Names of God:

Let’s talk about some internal mechanisms that work within us, and consume a lot of our energies:
These are addictions, fixations and negative habits, whose constant maintenance simply exhaust us.

When it comes to addictions, it is not just about overeating, drugs, smoking, shopping, sports or work -
There are many other negative habits we obsessively stick to, and fixed behaviors that drive us to the wall.
Without noticing, we give a lot of power to all kinds of obsessive thoughts that run our lives, and it's very hard for us to get rid of them:

For example -
- There are desires and cravings that we are convinced are stronger than us, and we waste a lot of energy to pursue and achieve them.

- the thought that we have not done enough, that we are not worthy enough, makes us exhaust ourselves, trying to please others all the time, enslaving and sacrificing ourselves to the point of exhaustion and collapse,

- The thought that we are corrupted and sinners by nature, that our actions are wrong and impure - causes us to punish ourselves, to inflict suffering on ourselves, and to destroy with our own hands what we have already managed to build,

- When we stick to our pride, try to protect our dignity at all costs, we feel compelled to take revenge for every little insult, with obsessive pettiness…
and look how much energy do we invest in it?

- When we are convinced that we are not loved enough, that nobody sees us - we are constantly seeking encouragement, fishing for Likes and support at the social networks …

- Self-pity and victimhood can also become obsessive thoughts, and so is the focus on our dark (or shadow) sides - and we all have them ...

You will agree with me that holding on to obsessive thoughts can harm us just like any other addiction ...

What part of us is pushing us to persist with all these obsessions?
Who runs our lives here in the material world?
Our ego of course ...
The ego is very essential to us - its role is to strengthen our grip in this world,
But at the same time, it is constantly looking for nourishment and fulfilment,
And - it insists firmly on getting what it deserves for its survival.

The ego tells us - if you do this and that, you shall better survive and fulfill yourself.
And we are simply enslaved to it, trying to fulfill its demands to the point oblivion…

What do we actually forget?
That we are much more than our ego,
That the ego is actually an outer garment that covers our inner essence - the soul, which is true, simple and pure.
The ego is the garment we wear when we arrive here, to the material world.
And to this cover we are enslaved, and believe in the thoughts that it plants in us.

Let's compare our ego to a clothing, and our soul to the body.
For how long would you agree to wear a garment that squashes, itches, and limits your movements?
Does coping with the discomfort of this clothing leave you with any energy to focus on what really matters? To enjoy life?
Who decides if you will continue to wear this garment or get rid of it?

Same way that we can change a garment that limits us, we can also transform our obsessive and destructive thoughts by shifting our consciousness.
When we get rid of destructive thoughts and addictions, and do not give them power, we are free to engage in the fulfillment of our destiny in the world.

So – let’s define obsessions and addictions as energetic blockages that obstruct us.

What is the solution?
The Kabbalah has a proven remedy that will help us get rid of addictions and obsessive thoughts:
The letter combinations of the Seventy-Two Names of God are powerful spiritual tools that can help us in any difficult situation we encounter in our lives,
and in fact - help us in rectifying our human attributes and removing obstacles.
They have the power to stimulate healing and to make changes for the better on all levels, from the spiritual, mental, emotional, and even physical.
The 72 Names of God are actually channels of communication, some kind of pipes that deliver light and abundance from the upper spiritual worlds, to the physical world in which we live.
Each one of these letter combinations has a unique and precise energetic vibration:
It is like a spiritual code that opens a channel that sheds light on a certain area of our lives.

To learn more about the origin and essence of the 72 Names of God, I invite you to watch the videos I posted on my YouTube channel:



How do we implement the power of the letter combinations in our favor?
The letter combinations should be inscribed in the body and mind through meditation and visualization.
They affect our energy field and shift our consciousness.
As a result, our way of thinking changes, which influences our behavior and approach to life.
An inner structural change occurs.
We can create a new reality for ourselves by the powers of these sacred names.

In the table of the 72 Names of God, there are several names that can help us cure addictions, obsessive thoughts and fixated destructive habits.
One of them is Peh-He-Lamed (פהל) - No. 20 in the table

This sacred name will help us overcome addictions.
It helps overcome negative habits, thoughts and behavioral fixations that drain our energies and interfere with our progress in fulfilling our destiny in life.
Peh-He-Lamed (פהל) will help us restrain the ego and the selfish impulses, and help us regain the control over our lives.

The videos in the links provided here also contain some sinple meditation techniques.
Peh He Lamed Sm
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