Should you pay the ransom? Sometimes it is inevitable...

It probably happened to many of you: a certain person in the family, social circle, the workplace, or even your spouse, is acting like a chronic energy extorter ... Whenever you interact with them, you feel that your energies are draining. The situation becomes particularly serious when you are dependent on that person due to survival need or a strong attraction. In such cases, destructive relationship might develop, and whenever you're around that person, you are harmed, physically, emotionally or mentally.

If you are stuck in such a relationship, do not blame yourself ...

It’s not by accident that we summon people who draw our energies or hurts us (deliberately or unconsciously). In many cases, such a connection is karmic. It comes to meet a certain need of the soul, or to close an unfinished business from the past. It is possible that we stay with that person out of fear, pity, or guilt regarding events that happened in this lifetime or past lives. It is possible that we revealed a sensitive secret, and we want to maintain good relations with them for our own safety. Such stressful relationships play an important role in your spiritual evolution and push you forward to discovering your inner strength.

Message for the week by the “72 Names” cards:
Card No. 22 refers to the letter combination Yod-Yod-Yod (י-י-י) from 72 names of God, and talks about ending a relationship with a harmful factor.

The card suggests to pay the price ... pay ransom – to sacrifice something of yourself to satisfy a certain marshy pit (in yourself or someone else) that demands its own. (A pit, Klipah, or “the dark side” Sitra-Achra, according to the Kabbalah) - This is the way to redeem the soul and cancel a bad verdict.

In order to keep the extortionist away from our lives and to close the circle of terror, we must pay a price – to make a last gesture of good-will, compensate, return a debt - the debt that causes us to remain connected to the person we depend on (and it does not necessarily have to be a financial debt). In case of economic dependency, it is recommended to find an alternative source of income, and in case of intimate relationship – to develop emotional/physical independence.
Once you pay your debts, you can get rid of the destructive influence, your energies will be renewed, and you shall feel free and purified.

** Meditating with the “72 Names of God” and inscribing them in the body and mind can create major changes in your life. It actually creates transformation on your spiritual DNA level, changes that are manifested in your everyday life.

* Meditation with the letter combination Yod-Yod-Yod and inscribing it in the body and soul, will help you terminate a dependency – to end a hurtful or destructive relationship or fatal attraction to someone who draws your energies, and remove cruel people from your life. This sacred name will fill your soul with energy, provide protection from physical or mental violence and fill you with purified energy. Yod-Yod-Yod prevents depletion of energy, and spiritual, emotional or physical harms.

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