How much power are you willing to give to your guilt feelings,
and how can they fail you?

Most of us feel guilt and sorrow for the hurts we have inflicted on others. We carry the guilt and remorse with us for years, like a black stain that covers our positive and illuminated aspects.

We are able to recognize most of our guilt feelings and remember their origin, but in fact, some of them are not actually real.
Sometimes we took the blame for events that were not under our control, or someone else unjustifiably accused us, and yet we took the blame (perhaps because we felt responsible for things that went out of control).
There are cases when a child feels guilty about the misery of one of his parents, about the divorce of their parents, or the death of a sibling.
In other cases, we took full responsibility for the failure of a particular project, or blamed ourselves for not providing enough support to a close relative.
There are also guilt feelings that we carry with us from previous incarnations.Whether our guilt feelings are justified or not, the profound outcome is, that they have been assimilated into our system, creating a self-sustaining, growing and thickening cortex that blocks us from absorbing the ever-flowing Divine abundance.
Guilt feelings may drive our lives, and make us over-compensate people who have been hurt by us, to the point that will strain us. 
Feelings of guilt may prevent us from giving a second chance, to try again, for fear that we will stumble again and hurt ourselves or others.

Message for the week from the 72 Names Cards:
Card #51 is related to the letter combination He-Chet-Shin (ה.ח.ש) from the 72 Names of God.
This card teaches us that spiritual correction is often done through painful experiences.
Those who do not act are not mistaken, but at the same time, do not live life to the fullest.
The remorse and agony are warning signs that will help you avoid repeating the mistakes you made.
card 51 SmThe card conveys that taking responsibility and learning from mistakes are part of a necessary process that contributes to your growth. 
You'll be given the chance to start over on a better path, as a smarter and stronger person.

** Meditating with the “72 Names of God” and inscribing them in the body and mind can create major changes in your life.
It actually creates transformation on your spiritual DNA level, changes that are manifested in your everyday life.

* Meditation with the letter combination He-Chet-Shin (ה.ח.ש) and inscribing it in the body and mind, helps to purify guilt feelings.
It brings to consciousness the pain you have caused others, spiritually corrects our past sins and brings repentance.
ה.ח.ש helps us overcome dark and destructive properties inside ourselves and uproot them, softens our harsh qualities, and helps spiritual amendment.

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