What are the forces of resistance being applied to us time and time again?

King Solomon Seal #10 - Third Pentacle of Mars

King Solomon seals have physical - earthly applications, but beyond them - there are deep spiritual levels of understanding that can hint on the energetic vibration of the seal.
In fact, each seal generates changes on the spiritual level, that are reflected in the physical plane.

This seal - the third pentacle of Mars - can also be interpreted at several levels of depth.
The purpose of the seal is to overcome opponents and subdue resistance, to brings success in negotiations and conflict resolution, and to settle disputes.

Look at the verse inscribed in the seal:
What god is as great as our God” [Psalms 77-13].
Several sacred names are imprinted inside the graphic shapes.
Seal 10 Eng Sm
So – let’s talk about resisting forces:
The Creator created our world as two parallel systems that contradict each other: worlds of holiness, and against them - worlds of impurity.
This dual structure exists in all systems of Creation, including the human body, mind and spirit.
Every force exerted in our dual world has a force that resists it.
For every aspiration to grow and develop, there is an opposing force that tries to inhibit and restrict, and disrupts the developmental process.
Resistance can come from external factors - but also from internal ones.

The resistance that rises against us forces us to cope, and the very fact of coping, generates a change in consciousness and transformation.
The change in consciousness helps a person transcend and absorb a filling of light to his vessels, followed by spiritual growth.

As the systems of sanctity serve the thought of Creation, so too, do the opposing forces play an important role in the world:
they are not independent forces acting on their own, but activated by the Creator in order to cause a person to descend to the shells, to expand and strengthen his vessel to attract more lights.

The opposing forces are disguised in various garments in the material world, as enemies, rivals or life events that hinder us.
Opposing forces may also come from within, such as self-doubt, inner conflict, fears and belief system that fails a person.

The source of the opposing forces is the "other side", the systems of darkness and impurity that coexist alongside the systems of sanctity.

Seal #10 helps us to overcome the powers of the Sitra Achra (the “other” side) and transform our vessels so that the Infinite light can come in.
It allows the person to overcome the difficulty in the growth and learning process.
Learning and spiritual ascendance infuse light in man, and as he begins to understand the principles of Creation - the shells that surround him are broken.

When an opposing person appears in our lives and provokes us, we mistakenly consider him as a separate factor who come from outside.
In fact, this person may reflect an internal resistance force we have against our own growth process.
Seal #10 will help us to overcome enemies and disputes, as well as our internal conflicts.
It helps us reach internal balance, which will resolve external disputes and even legal issues.

King Solomon seals convey great mystical powers, with energetic frequencies that are implemented through graphic forms, sacred names, and verses from the Bible that are embedded in them.
Each seal is in charge of a specific range of frequencies that can trigger processes in our personal development.

The Seals of Solomon
- or "King Solomon Seals"
are powerful symbols related to King Solomon.
According to the ancient traditions, these were the symbols engraved in his rings.

King Solomon seals are used in many Kabbalistic amulets and talismans.
Each seal has a particular purpose and influences a certain aspect of your life.

I prepared a poster containing the 44 seals of Solomon, all in one place.

This poster works as a "mega amulet" and when hung at home, the seals' magical energies will radiate all around and create miracles in your life.
poster 44seals Sample
The 44 Seals of Solomon and their interpretations:

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